March 2011

More Seven Suns novels—a new trilogy

Even in the midst of the Hellhole tour, the other projects keep going.

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Portland Area Signings for HELLHOLE

Day 3 of the Hellhole book-signing tour, Brian and I left Seattle by train in the morning for the ride south to Portland. On the way, we had a relaxing time to work on our computers, Brian editing Sisterhood of Dune, me writing some notes, and then together we brainstormed some of the plotlines for Hellhole Inferno, the second novel in the trilogy.  We arrived in Portland at 3:30, where our author escort, Kevin, met us and drove us to the hotel.

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First Official Day of the HELLHOLE Tour

I got up at 4:45 AM to head to the airport.  Fortunately, over the past couple of days I had packed everything, a suitcase (clothes, granola bars and nuts, hand sanitizer), a duffel filled with (very heavy) bookmarks and newsletters, my compter case, laptop loaded with all the files I’m working on, and Kindle loaded with the books I’m reading.

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What Happens at a Booksigning? A 101 Primer for Readers and Fans

I get a lot of questions from people interested in coming to one of our booksigning events.  I’ll try to answer the most common ones below, so you know what to expect if you attend a signing.

Yesterday I described the process of dropby signings, stopping in at area bookstores, signing the copies on the shelves, meeting bookstore staff.  A formal talk and booksigning is a much different event, open to the public, a chance for us to meet the fans, chat with them and answer questions, autograph their books.

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HELLHOLE—First Day of Drop-By Signings

Release day of Hellhole.  With a full day ahead of me, I took care of email early in the morning, posted a new blog, finished a few last-minute edits on a new novel manuscript and then sent the file to my agent, and headed out the door by 9:30 so I could be at my first bookstore stop for the day, a Borders on the south side of the Denver metropolitan area.

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HELLHOLE released today

Hellhole hits bookstores all across the US today, and Brian Herbert and I celebrate the launch day by traveling around to our (separate) area bookstores, to autograph shelf stock and meet bookstore managers.

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Meet the people on HELLHOLE: Sophie Vence

It takes a certain toughness to make a new life in a very difficult environment, but some people see opportunities instead of the misery.  Sophie Vence is a no-nonsense businesswoman, a single mother with a 19-year-old son.  Here is her background of how she came to Hellhole.

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Meet the people on HELLHOLE: Vincent Jenet

Another snapshot of one of the characters who finds himself on Hellhole, “the place to go when there’s nowhere else to go.”  In the overall epic, all of these characters must learn to rely on one another, and face the hazards of this terrible planet as well as the politics of the corrupt galactic government they left behind.

Hellhole will be in US bookstores Tuesday, March 15.

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Meet the people of HELLHOLE: General Tiber Adolphus

I’ll be posting some snapshots and background stories on characters in Hellhole, so readers can meet the people and understand what brought them to a planet that’s at the bottom of anyone’s list.

Tor Books has already published an excerpt of the prologue and first chapter (, so readers have met General Tiber Maximilian Adolphus.  Here’s more of his background story:

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Autographed copies of HELLHOLE available

Next Tuesday I begin the 13-cities-in-16-days national booksigning tour for Hellhole.  Brian Herbert will accompany me at the Seattle, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Pasadena, Huntington Beach, and San Diego signings, and I’ll continue the tour to Denver, Lexington (KY), Dayton (OH), Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. Click here for the full tour schedule.

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