April 2013

Guest Post from James Artimus Owen: SUPERSTAR WRITERS, APPLY HERE

James Artimus Owen was one of our guest speakers at the Superstars Writing Seminar last year, and his talks were so popular we invited him to come back.

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Finally got home yesterday from Dayton and the end of the main leg of my HELLHOLE AWAKENING book tour.  Very tired, a little under the weather from the persistent laryngitis, but I had all of 14 hours at home to reacquaint myself with the cats, and with Rebecca, with the jacuzzi tub, my own bed…and of course the washer and dryer to do my clothes and repack the suitcase.

Sitting in the Dulles airport right now, on our way to Richmond VA for Ravencon all weekend.

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My Tor publicist had scheduled me for a noontime TV interview on “Living Dayton,” so we rebooked my Tuesday morning flight from Atlanta on a much earlier (groan!) flight, so I could get into Dayton in time.

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HELLHOLE AWAKENING—Seattle, Norwescon, and Atlanta

Normally, I wouldn’t consider working the weekend as a guest speaker and panelist at a major science fiction convention to be the RELAXING part of the tour, but it was great just to stay in one place for a couple of days, unpack my suitcase, sleep in the same bed. On Saturday I had a worldbuilding panel with Ken Scholes, Brenda Carr, and Stephen Gillette, an autographing, a panel on Sail to Success, Superstars, and other high-end writers workshops with Arc Manor publisher Shahid Mahmud, Nancy Kress, and Jack Skellingstad, a panel on marketing for people who don’t like marketing.

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