COSine Colorado Springs science fiction convention

Rebecca and I will be appearing tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 22) at COSine, the Colorado Springs science fiction convention, which is held at the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Springs.

My panel list is:
11am – noon   Tragedy, Comedy, and Fantasy – How do you balance “happily ever after” with realism? (with Carol Berg, Sarah Hoyt, Rebecca Lickiss, Laura Reeve)

1pm – 2pm   Movies to books and back again – a look at SF in films (with Rebecca Moesta, Mike Potter, Cary Quinn)

3pm – 4pm   Reading (HELLHOLE and Blood Lite 2 story)

4pm – 5pm   Do authors need to read in the genre they write? (with Wil McCarthy, Sharon Shinn, Connie Willis, David Boop)

book signing

We hope to see some of you there!