DragonCon autographing and panel schedule

Rebecca and I have attended DragonCon for about the past 20 years—it is one of our favorite conventions all year.  This year, I’ve got a packed schedule, as well as three big tables in the Dealer’s Room.  Look for us under the listing WordFire.

Here’s my DragonCon autographing schedule for the Dealer’s Room.

12:30–2:15 PM

10 AM–12:30 PM
2:30–6 PM

11:30 AM–2 PM
4–5 PM

10–11 AM
1:30–4 PM

And here’s my panel schedule.  (Don’t miss my reading on Sunday at 10AM, where I’ll read a brand new Dan Shamble story!)

11:00-Noon Writing Workshop with Jody Lynn Nye  Hyatt: Marietta  (with Rebecca)
2:30 PM  New York Times bestselling authors Hyatt Regency VI-VII
4:00—6:30 PM  Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me  Hyatt: Embassy D-F  (with Rebecca)

1 PM  Magnificent Men of Fantasy Fiction

10 AM Reading  Dan Shamble “Role Model” story   Hyatt: Edgewood
2:30 PM Star Wars EU authors Marriott A706  (with Rebecca)
5:30 PM Remembering Aaron Allston & Ann Crispin Hyatt: International North
8:30 PM  X-Track Anthology  Marriott M106-107
10 PM  Humor in Horror  Westin Chastain ED

11:30 AM  Ask Me Anything  Hyatt Centennial I