Free Teacher’s Guide Now Available for STAR CHALLENGERS: MOONBASE CRISIS

The Challenger Centers for Space Science Education have created a detailed Teacher’s Guide to accompany the first novel in the Star Challengers series, Moonbase Crisis.  This Guide is an educational companion to help extend the learning as students enjoy the novel.

The book includes a series of Language Arts lessons based on science and technical vocabulary development, figurative and idiomatic language, expository writing, and others.  The section on Science and Math lessons includes Moon math problems, biology lessons on growing food on the Moon, a project to build your own moonbase model in a shoebox, experiments showing the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and other activities.  An appendix gives Moon facts and backgrounds on all the men who have walked on the Moon.

Click to download a free copy of the Moonbase Crisis Teacher’s Guide.

The Challenger Center website also has other educational resources for students and teachers.