A HAIR RAISING release day!

The third full-length Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novel—HAIR RAISING—hit bookstores today.  You could hear the howling from miles away!

This full-moon, crime gets a comb-over! The fur really flies when a serial scalper stalks the supernatural citizens of the Unnatural Quarter, targeting werewolves—and what’s sadder than a chrome-domed lycanthrope? Zombie P.I. Dan Shamble is on the case, trying to stop an all-out gang war between full-time and full-moon werewolves. As he combs through the tangled clues to hunt down the bald facts, things get hairy fast. Shamble lurches through a loony landscape of voodoo tattoo artists, illicit cockatrice fights, body builders assembling make-your-own-human kits, and perhaps scariest of all, crazed fans in town for the Worldwide Horror Convention. Yet the reign of hair-raising terror grows longer. If Shamble can’t snip this off at the roots, the whole world could end up howling mad!

On Day 1, the book received a starred review from Booklist:

“The first three Dan Chambeaux novels appeared in rapid succession 2012 (Death Warmed Over, Stakeout at the Vampire Circus, and Unnatural Acts). Now here’s the fourth book featuring the zombie private eye who’s better known by his moniker, Shamble. Ever since the Big Uneasy, humans have been getting used to sharing the world with all manner of once-mythological creatures, and Dan, being one of the walking dead (the first book in the series saw him solving his own murder), catches a lot of seriously odd cases. Like this one: someone is scalping werewolves. Is it some weirdo with a follicle fixation, or do the scalpings signal trouble between the two werewolf factions (full-time lycanthropes and those who get furry once a month)? As usual, Dan is also juggling a variety of other cases: a murdered vampire; a fellow zombie who wants his (mortal) ex-wife to give him visitation rights so he can see his son; a bodybuilder—and not the kind who lifts weights—who purchased a defective spleen from an online vendor. The Shamble stories are comedies, obviously, and very good ones, too. The characters are weird and wonderful; the environment is carefully constructed (it makes its own kind of logical sense); and there are plenty of high jinks (a werewolf expert named Walter Zevon, named, presumably, for the musician Warren Zevon, one of whose hits is highly relevant here). Fans of humorously handled urban fantasies, mysteries, and horror stories won’t stop laughing until long after they’ve finished the book.”

It’s been a good day for zombie detectives.  Suspense magazine just reviewed Dan Shamble’s second full-length novel, Unnatural Acts:

“Dan is a detective…and a Zombie. His world is filled with werewolves, ghosts, vampires, and all sorts of ‘unnatural’ creatures. Most work the night shift at dead end jobs just trying to survive while they suffer persecution. Senator Balfour is completely against unnaturals and is pushing the ‘Unnatural Acts Act.’  A stage for Shakespeare in the Dark is destroyed. Golems complain about sweatshop work conditions. An interracial couple is being discriminated against. These are just a handful of the storylines woven into one. Dan is juggling his caseload and trying to solve mysteries right and left. Just when he is close to an answer there is a twist that sends him another direction.

Witty characters and monsters with twisted up lives/deaths. The author does a great job of entertaining throughout the book.”

And don’t miss the other two adventures of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.—now available for Kindle and Kobo worldwide!