Happy Birthday, Frank Herbert

Today, October 8, is Frank Herbert’s birthday.  He would have turned 90 years old.

photo provided by Byron Merritt

Though he is best known for the Dune Chronicles (and, in my opinion, the novel Dune is the greatest SF novel ever written), Frank Herbert left a legacy of many seminal novels, excellent works that bear reading (and rereading)—particularly The White Plague, Hellstrom’s Hive, The Dosadi Experiment, Under Pressure/Dragon in the Sea, The Green Brain, and The Pandora Sequence with Bill Ransom (The Jesus Incident [sequel to Herbert's Destination:Void], The Lazarus Effect, and the posthumous Ascension Factor).

Frank Herbert passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1986.  His Dune novels have remained steadily popular, but in recent years many of his long out-of-print titles have been republished due to a resurgence in readers.  If you haven’t read any of Frank’s work besides Dune, you should take a look.

Thanks to Frank Herbert for providing us with so many complex and thought-provoking works.