HELLHOLE INFERNO released tomorrow!

For those of you following my epic HELLHOLE science fiction trilogy with Brian Herbert, the waiting is over…and could be the end of the universe is at hand!  HELLHOLE INFERNO hits bookstores (and eTailer outlets for those of you who prefer to read electrons) tomorrow in the US and UK.

After doing more than a dozen novels in Frank Herbert’s DUNE universe, we used our collaborative skills to develop a sweeping, big SF trilogy with galactic empires, lost alien races, politics, a war for independence, ruthless leaders. HELLHOLE INFERNO is the grand finale.  Preorder your copy now at your favorite retailer, or pick up a copy tomorrow. We pulled out all the stops for this one!


The other two books in the trilogy are now out in paperback, in case you need to catch up.

Hellhole-MM-2  HHawakemm

This has been a summer of momentous releases from me and Brian—we do the Dune books together as well as the original Hellhole trilogy, but we also write many solo novels.  My most recent SF novel is THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS, first in the Saga of Shadows trilogy.


And Brian also has a new standalone SF novel that just came out, THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK OF CHAIRMAN RAHMA, a “green” dystopian nightmare.  Also from Tor Books in hardcover.


And on a lighter note, by the end of this month you’ll be able to get the fourth novel featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie PI—SLIMY UNDERBELLY. Not quite the end of the universe, as with our science fiction epics, but something smells dangerously funny…