Less than a month until SUPERSTARS WRITING SEMINAR

On May 14–16 in Colorado Springs, we’ll be hosting our fourth Superstars Writing Seminar. If you’re a serious writer interested in learning about the business and kicking your career up a notch, we hope to see you there.  Not much time left to sign up!

Join bestselling writers Kevin J. Anderson, Eric Flint, David Farland, Rebecca Moesta, Joan Johnston, and James Artimus Owen, as well as Baen Books editor Jim Minz and Kobo’s Mark Leslie Lefebvre for three days of intensive instruction on the nuts-and-bolts of your successful writing career.  For the full topics covered, see the detailed schedule below.  Sign up at the Superstars Writing Seminar website.  PRICES GO UP MAY 1!


8:00 AM Intro, seminar overview, introduce speakers

8:30 The Popcorn Theory of Success
Kevin J. Anderson

9:30 It’s Business: How Publishing Economics Works
Eric Flint

10:30 Windup and the Pitch (pitches, queries, proposals, treatments)
David Farland, James Owen, Lisa Mangum

11:30               Lunch

1:00 PM Get ‘em While They’re Young: Young Adult
James Owen, David Farland, Rebecca Moesta

2:00 The Romance Industry: If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Joan Johnston

3:00 Two Heads Are Better Than One: Collaborating
Kevin J. Anderson, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta

4:00 A Day in the Life at a Major Publishing House
Jim Minz

4:45–5:30 open Q&A session

Evening:  Welcome mixer/reception


8:30 AM Ebooks and Indy Publishing
Mark Leslie LeFebvre

9:30 Do It Yourself: Nuts & Bolts of Indy (Kindle, Kobo, PubIt, CreateSpace, Kickstarter)
Mark LeFebvre, David Farland, Rebecca Moesta

10:30 Different Paths: Major House, Indy Writer, or Hybrid?
Mark LeFebvre, Jim Minz, Kevin J. Anderson

NOON           Lunch

1:30   Getting Noticed: Self-Promotion for Authors—Spiking Your Sales
Mark LeFebvre, Peter Wacks, Jim Minz, Joan Johnston, Lisa Mangum

2:30   Cracking the Code: What Are Editors Really Looking For?
Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, Jim Minz, Lisa Mangum

3:30  “Dirty Secrets”: Being a Professional Author
Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta

4:30  Drawing out the Dragons
James A. Owen

5:15–5:45 Open session:  Q&A

VIP Dinner: McKenzie’s Steakhouse


8:30 AM A Brief Primer on Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property
M. Scott Boone

9:00 Writing Across Mediums—from Books to Film and Games
David Farland

10:00 Building Your Network
Rebecca Moesta, James A. Owen, David Farland, Lisa Mangum

11:00 Dissecting a Contract
Eric Flint

Noon              Lunch

1:30 Agents: The “A” Word
David Farland, James Owen, Joan Johnston

2:30 Eleven Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity
Kevin J. Anderson

3:30 Being a Writer and a Real Person at the Same Time

4:30 Open session:  Q&A

After three days of this, you will have a much broader and deeper understanding of the publishing business and how to kick your writing career to the next level. For further information on the speakers, tuition, VIP dinner, and hotel reservations, please see the Superstars Writing Seminar website.