New Saga of Seven Suns: VEILED ALLIANCES app live on iOS and Android

You never get a second chance to make First Contact.

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I am thrilled to be working with BushiGo to develop the first “appisode” series for my Saga of Seven Suns universe, the prequel VEILED ALLIANCES. The first six-minute appisode, “Confrontation at the Prism Palace,” is the pilot segment of an animated serial adaptation of
Veiled Alliances, the prequel to the Saga of Seven Suns, enclosed in an app, and it’s optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

The cast features the voices of Robert Picardo, known to sci-fi fans as the Doctor in “Star Trek Voyager”, and Kyle Hebert, known to anime fans as the English voice of Gohan in “Dragonball Z”.

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It’s FREE for download at the following links



Amazon Kindle

Windows Phone

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“Confrontation at the Prism Palace” uses the interactivity of mobile devices to create a new form of delivering entertainment. Bushing used the Unreal video game engine to drive the animation, so you’ll get the depth of a 3D environment in which you can move the camera angle around to suit your taste and curiosity without interrupting the action. In future episodes, you will be able to add story depth and access the main characters’ innermost thoughts in real time through Bushi-go’s unique “subtext engine”.

you can also watch a cool teaser video on the BushiGo home page!

And when you’re done looking at the Appisodes, you can check out the VEILED ALLIANCES book itself, in trade paperback and in all eBook formats.