RavenCon in Richmond VA

After half a day at home, from Dayton OH on my HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour, I flew off with Rebecca to Richmond, VA where were guests of honor at RavenCon.  It was an early morning flight, and an all-day flight (departing 8 AM, arriving 4:30 PM), and I woke up that morning with my full-blown laryngitis returned.  So I sat in the back seat of the car, saying nothing, while Tim drove us to the airport.
I got some DARK BETWEEN THE STARS editing done on the plane flights because I knew I would be busy for the weekend. We landed, were picked up from the airport, and went to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant. We checked in to find that Ravencon had gotten us a very nice suite, room to spread out.  Got to bed early because we had an early morning TV interview on Good Morning Virginia.
My voice was still scratchy but recovering, and the host was a big fan, and we talked about Hellhole Awakening, Clockwork Angels, and Dan Shamble, Zombie PI; the 501st stormtroopers and Darth Vader were also guests.
In the afternoon we set up our table in the dealer’s room, unpacked our books for sale, pulled up the banner, set up the printed table cloths, then went to the opening ceremonies and two panels. Then the crud set in again, not just laryngitis but an actual cold.  But the show must go on.

Ravencon had a great many Rush fans, and for their charity auction, a local radio station was giving away two tickets to the upcoming Rush Clockwork Angelsconcert.  Not to be outdone, I donated one of the VIP signed slipcased author editions of CLOCKWORK ANGELS (which sold in the auction for $215). One of the con guests, Carla Brindle, is an award winning baker, and she baked an astonishing cake of the Clockwork Angels Book and a treasure chest (BOTH of these are entirely cakes, perfectly decorated)

Saturday morning I did a reading of the opening chapter of Dan Shamble #3 HAIR RAISING (a nearly full room for a reading at 9 AM, which was very unusual).  Rebecca and I did several panels, gave two writers workshops, had our guest of honor interviews, and spent the rest of the time at our table in the dealer’s room, where we got a lot of exposure for all our books. The last panel on Sunday afternoon, my solo lecture on 11 Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity, was a real slog, since I had almost no voice and no energy. But we get to go home tonight (arriving at about midnight).  All in all, a great and exhausting con!

Next week, even more busy activities!