TALES OF DUNE just released

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Brian Herbert and I are pleased to announce the release of TALES OF DUNE, the expanded edition that collects all of our published Dune short stories, ranging from “Hunting Harkonnens,” the earliest chronological tale in the Dune timeline all the way to “Treasure in the Sand,” which takes place at the very end of the long Dune history.


The Butlerian Jihad time period

•  Hunting Harkonnens

•  Whipping Mek

•  The Faces of a Martyr

•  Red Plague

The Dune time period

•  Wedding Silk

•  A Whisper of Caladan Seas

After the Scattering

•  Sea Child

•  Treasure in the Sand

Available in trade paperback and all eBook formats.  A hardcover edition is forthcoming the next couple of weeks.

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