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A Bundle of Adventure in Your Science Fiction


As the summer ends, you have just enough time to dive into a universe of exciting science fiction. I’ve curated a new StoryBundle of a dozen adventure SF books which only runs for three weeks from August 29 through September 19.

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Shambling Toward TV!

Some more exciting news, this time about Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.  Here’s our official announcement:

“Actress and Producer Marisol Nichols (Riverdale, The Gates, 24, GCB) and her company Nicolette ENT have entered into an agreement with Kevin J. Anderson to pursue development of the Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. series for television.”

Marisol and I have been good friends for many years, and she’s always been passionate about bringing Dan Shamble to TV. This represents a great step forward.  Keep those zombie fingers crossed!

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New Dune Tabletop Gaming Deal Announced with Gale Force Nine

Brian Herbert and I are very excited about the new Dune tabletop games under development.


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All the Harlan Ellison Stories

Harlan Ellison died last week, short of stature, large of ego, and a man of unquestionable impact in the field. I knew Harlan. I liked Harlan, although many considered him an ogre—and he could be. But he did a lot for me, whether or not he realized how important it was to a newer author trying to find his way in the field.

I’ve posted many stories on my social media. Here they are, all together, in case you missed any of them.

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Targets Locked! The Military SF Storybundle

A Parade of Books in the Pipeline

In 2016 I nearly killed myself by appearing at 22 science fiction conventions, pop-culture expos, and comic cons. I was exhausting, and though I was seen by about 1.5 million people, according to the conventions themselves, I didn’t get a lot of writing done! As a result, the following year—2017—was one of my thinnest years ever, with only two new books released, the expanded edition of Tales of Duneand the new Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. novel, Tastes Like Chicken.

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Upcoming Appearances Schedule

I pulled together my list of upcoming appearances for the next few months. Hope to see you at one of them:

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Myths and Legends Fantasy

Dragons! Swords! Magic and wizards! I’ve curated a new storybundle that’s packed with all the legendary wonder you’ve come to expect from your favorite fantasy novels. The Myths and Legends Storybundle

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Grand Canyon $kywalk Experience

My parents live in Kingman, AZ, and when Rebecca and I visit, we fly into Las Vegas, rent a car, and make the 2-hr drive to Kingman. Along the way, near the town of Dolan Springs, is a big billboard to “Exit Here for the Grand Canyon Skywalk”—a breathtaking glass-bottomed walkway that extends out over the canyon, so you can look down between your feet 4000 ft to the bottom of the canyon.

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NAUGHTY & NICE—Free Dan Shamble Holiday Story

To continue celebrating the release of the new Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. novel, TASTES LIKE CHICKEN, I’m posting another free Shamble story, just in time for the holidays.

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