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As we move toward the 2015 Superstars Writing Seminar, it’s time to show off another excellent writing book we’ve just released at WordFire Press.  THE SYNOPSIS TREASURY contains the actual proposals and synopses submitted by well-known authors for books that many of you have known and read.  An excellent snapshot behind the scenes of the business. Look at original proposals by H.G. Wells, Kevin J.

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Teaser Tuesday: PULSE POUNDERS

Take a seat in your favorite reading chair and buckle up.  The new volume of Fiction River just came out today, guest edited by me, an anthology is fast-paced non-stop adventure stories, PULSE POUNDERS. Available in trade paperback format and all eBook formats.  For those of you who can read an ePub version, the Kobo Special Edition of the anthology has three extra stories…to keep your pulse pounding even longer after the regular-edition readers have finished their last story.

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Writing Books (and Books on Writing)

With the numerous writing workshops and panels I give at conventions, as well as the big Superstars Writing Seminar coming up the first week in February, many people have asked me if I’ve written down any of my lectures. Yes, in fact, I released two books on my most popular talks this year, Million Dollar Productivity and Million Dollar Professionalism (based on the “Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me When I Was Just Starting out” talk we’ve given countless times).

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All in a week’s work: Clockwork Lives, 2113, short stories, Navigators of Dune

I’m always thinking one project ahead (or more), the next book, next story, next universe.  Last week, while I was finishing my second edit of CLOCKWORK LIVES (a new steampunk fantasy adventure written with Neil Peart, in the universe of CLOCKWORK ANGELS), I decided to keep my head in the Rush universe and plotted my novella “2113,” which will be the cornerstone of an anthology of Rush-inspired stories to be published by ECW Press (see my January 12 blog).

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New Clinics at Superstars Writing Seminar

This is our sixth year of the Superstars Writing Seminar, and it’ll be our biggest and most ambitious one yet. Over 100 attendees, 19 speakers, and two tracks of programming in the afternoons. A special Eggs Benedict breakfast with James Artimus Owen, which sold out for the first two days, then we added a third day and that one sold out.  We now have only four spots left (out of 72) for the VIP dinner at Phantom Canyon restaurant and brewery.  VIP seating has already sold out.

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Teaser Tuesday: CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Comic Scripts

Clockwork Angels is a steampunk fantasy adventure—and an innovative multimedia feast!

Based on a story and lyrics by legendary drummer Neil Peart, Clockwork Angels became the worldwide bestselling concept album by Rush and was developed into a New York Times bestselling and award-winning novel by Kevin J. Anderson.

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Announcing “2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush”

For my entire writing career, my stories have been inspired by the music of Rush. And I’m not the only one. After the publication of my “Drumbeats” and CLOCKWORK ANGELS with Neil Peart, many other writers have approached me to talk about Rush.

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Full schedule for Superstars Writing Seminar

This is our sixth year of the Superstars Writing Seminar, and it is absolutely the most incredible event we’ve ever put together.  19 total speakers, and a range of topics—two tracks in the afternoons!—that will really up your game as a professional author. There’s still time to sign up at

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A Very Special Dan Shamble, Zombie PI

Over the past two years I’ve released four Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novels, and also  seven standalone short cases that were published in various anthologies and magazines—and that’s enough for a book! WordFire Press will be releasing WORKING STIFF, The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie PI, in a few months.

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Great Additions to Superstars Writing Seminar 2015

The sixth annual Superstars Writing Seminar is coming up, only a month away. We’ve already got more signups than ever before, more speakers, more panel opportunities.


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