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Teaser Tuesday: CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Comic Scripts

Clockwork Angels is a steampunk fantasy adventure—and an innovative multimedia feast!

Based on a story and lyrics by legendary drummer Neil Peart, Clockwork Angels became the worldwide bestselling concept album by Rush and was developed into a New York Times bestselling and award-winning novel by Kevin J. Anderson.

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Announcing “2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush”

For my entire writing career, my stories have been inspired by the music of Rush. And I’m not the only one. After the publication of my “Drumbeats” and CLOCKWORK ANGELS with Neil Peart, many other writers have approached me to talk about Rush.

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Full schedule for Superstars Writing Seminar

This is our sixth year of the Superstars Writing Seminar, and it is absolutely the most incredible event we’ve ever put together.  19 total speakers, and a range of topics—two tracks in the afternoons!—that will really up your game as a professional author. There’s still time to sign up at

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A Very Special Dan Shamble, Zombie PI

Over the past two years I’ve released four Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novels, and also  seven standalone short cases that were published in various anthologies and magazines—and that’s enough for a book! WordFire Press will be releasing WORKING STIFF, The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie PI, in a few months.

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Great Additions to Superstars Writing Seminar 2015

The sixth annual Superstars Writing Seminar is coming up, only a month away. We’ve already got more signups than ever before, more speakers, more panel opportunities.


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Canyonlands and Clockwork

Every year at Christmas, numerous (actually, that deserves to be capitalized—NUMEROUS) family members descend on Colorado, and my normal “introverted writer” self is required to be sociable. In order to charge up my sociable batteries, I try to get away for some solitude ahead of time. My Go-To Place is often the gorgeous, silent, and spectacular canyonlands country of southern Utah.

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Announcing Scholarship Winner for Superstars Writing Seminar

At the last Superstars Writing Seminar in Feb 2014 we had a crackpot idea—we put together an anthology of Purple Unicorn stories, ONE HORN TO RULE THEM ALL, with original cover art by James Artimus Owen, edited by Lisa Mangum, with stories by Todd J. McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, Peter S. Beagle, and the very best entries by alumni from previous Superstars.

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First Snowshoe Hike of the Season!

Because of an avalanche of deadlines and obligations (so, what else is new?) I never managed to go out snowshoeing a single time last winter. I love to get out in the mountains in the pristine white silence and trudge along the snowshoe or cross-country ski trails and dictate new chapters. It’s hiking in the snow!  I was determined not to let this winter go by without a snowshoe trip, so I cleared my schedule last Saturday, got my notes ready for three more chapters in CLOCKWORK LIVES, winter gear…now, all I needed to do was find some SNOW.

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Teaser Tuesday: 2015 Hiking Calendar

As I posted yesterday, T. Duren Jones and I just released the new 2015 TALES FROM THE TRAILS calendar with some of our best wilderness photos and a monthly story of one of our hiking escapades.

2015 Calendar FrontCover sm

Here’s a sample of the January story and photo:

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Tales from the Trails

Do you have your special calendar for 2015 yet?  Do you have your KEVIN J. ANDERSON calendar yet?

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