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HELLHOLE INFERNO released tomorrow!

For those of you following my epic HELLHOLE science fiction trilogy with Brian Herbert, the waiting is over…and could be the end of the universe is at hand!  HELLHOLE INFERNO hits bookstores (and eTailer outlets for those of you who prefer to read electrons) tomorrow in the US and UK.

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The End of the Trail

IMG_3109 IMG_3108

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Since Kensington has just put the very first Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novel as a special on Kindle for FREE download, I thought I’d give you a sample of humorous zombie flesh.

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Free Zombies!

Zombie detectives, that is!  As we shamble toward the release date of SLIMY UNDERBELLY, the fourth Dan Shamble Zombie PI novel, Kensington is doing a big promo push for the series.  Right now, you can get the Kindle version of the first novel, DEATH WARMED OVER,  for *free*.  Download your free Kindle copy here.

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Seven Suns: An Unlimited Special Effects Budget

It’s summer blockbuster movie season, and we’re ready for the biggest movies of the year. Gigantic budgets, incredible special effects, 3D IMAX, fantastic colors, amazing images, explosions, monsters, super heroes. The studios promise to show you things that you’ve never seen before.

But, I have. In my imagination, as I develop my stories and write my novels. I’ve seen things that no filmmaker could ever put on screen. With words, you see, I’ve got an unlimited special effects budget.

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On August 12, Tor Books will release HELLHOLE INFERNO, the grand finale of my science fiction epic trilogy with Brian Herbert.  To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak preview.

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Class Schedule for Superstars Writing Seminars

So much stuff! So many great speakers and panelists—it was almost impossible to cram everything into only three intensive days for the 2014 Superstars Writing Seminar.  Here is our class schedule, a mix of lectures and panels, and all vital nuts-and-bolts information for any writer who wants to kick a career into high gear.

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FAR AND NEAR—Neil Peart 2014 calendar

As January 1 approaches,  many people are making Resolutions…but *everybody* needs a new calendar.

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Santa Claus Is Coming to Get You!

Here’s a special holiday story for all my fans on Christmas Eve (but, fair warning, don’t expect it to be heartwarming!)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Get You!

Kevin J. Anderson

’Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and all through the house little sounds were stirring … sinister, creeping, whispers of noise. Echoes of things better left unseen in the darkness, even around the holiday season.

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