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A GAME OF AUTHORS—another lost Frank Herbert novel

Before the publication of his masterpiece DUNE, Frank Herbert wrote four complete novels that were never released, as well as numerous short stories. WordFire Press has been working to bring these lost works into print.  Next up is A GAME OF AUTHORS, previously unpublished—a Hemingway-esque thriller about an author held hostage in Mexico.

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Superman and Batman—Discounted Superheroes for San Diego Comic Con

In anticipation of San Diego Comic Con later this month, HarperCollins has announced a special—my two DC novels, THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON and ENEMIES & ALLIES, along with Tracy Hickman’s novel WAYNE OF GOTHAM, will be discounted to only $2.99 for the entire month of July!  Order the deep-discount for all eBook formats at

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HAIR RAISING around the world

No, that’s not an ad for an international follicle treatment, nor promoting juvenile delinquency—something much better!  The third full-length Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novel, HAIR RAISING, has just been released for Kindle and Kobo worldwide.  Now readers outside the US and Canada can read the entire series.

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More Herbert Books in Print Format—GODMAKERS and TIMEWEB Omnibus

WordFire Press has been working to bring ALL of Frank Herbert’s novels back into print, and in some cases (Angels’ Fall,

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Summer SF Storybundle—8 big SF novels, name your own price

A very cool way for indie authors to co-op. Check out this bundle of eight SF novels by me, Frank Herbert, Gregory Benford, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, David Farland, Mike Resnick, Mike Stackpole, and B.V. Larson. Abailable at  Here’s the press release:

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It must be Awards Season.

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On Being a Dictator

I get a lot of people asking about how I write and hike at the same time.  I’ve posted my main essay on the subject, “Talking to Myself,” here on the blog, but if you’d like to read it again, you can click here.

This morning, the newsletter from Olympus Recorders also ran an interview/article on my technique of using dictation tools to write fiction:

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DEATH WARMED OVER Nominated for Shamus Award

Not bad to start the week with some good news.

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Hold Your Fire

I can smell smoke.  And it reminds me too much of this time last year.

In 2012, the Colorado Springs area was devastated by the Waldo Canyon Fire, which started in a canyon far south of here, but raced along the ridge top in high winds, causing major evacuations and incredible destruction.  It was the worst fire in Colorado history.  But all records are made to be broken.

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Frank Herbert Titles in Baen eBook Library

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I wanted to see how well they would do.  Grammar checkers are always problematic, because they are often so rule-obsessed they ignore what a writer is trying to do.  I found Grammarly to be unintrusive, however, and a good way to teach a writer not to make basic mistakes.  (And it did catch me in an unneccessary comma—shame on me!)

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