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A Vertical Horizon concert and a mountain summit

Being a writer, I don’t often have “typical” days.  And that’s been typical lately.

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The Deadline Death March

Anyone who knows my work or reads this blog is familiar with how much I write.  I work on several novel projects at once (and maybe a short story or two), at various stages of completion.  This summer, though, thanks to prior commitments and moving publication schedules, I found myself in a collision course of deadlines. MENTATS OF DINE, THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS, and THE DRAGON BUSINESS all came due at about the same time.

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Climbing Mt Bierstadt, 14,060 ft—the “non-solitude” Fourteener

After finishing and delivering three novels in two months, I was going stir crazy.  I wanted to get out, go hiking, get exercise, challenge myself. I’ve already climbed every one of the Fourteeners (54 peaks in Colorado over 14,000 ft in elevation). In sixteen years of living in Colorado I’ve climbed at least one 14er every summer (and sometimes snowshoed them in the winter), so I wanted to keep the record rolling.

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Being a Hybrid Writer: The Goldilocks Method

A few months ago I wrote a post called “The Series Death Spiral and Other Unfortunate Realities of Publishing,” about how chain bookstores can kill a series by ordering to the net.  (You can read that post here.) One of my readers responded with, “That’s why I indie publish my own books, because then I’m in control and I never have to worry about a series going out of print.”

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DEATH WARMED OVER for $1.99 (or, better yet, FREE!)

To show their enthusiasm for the series of Dan Shamble, Zombie PI, Kensington Books is running a special for the first volume in the series about everyone’s favorite zombie detective.  DEATH WARMED OVER is now only $1.99 in all major eBook formats.  BUT it runs only through Friday, August 16.

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Always a Rush

A manic writing schedule, as usual…but this summer it’s even more than usual.  Even so, you have to make time for the best things, the coolest things.  Like, say, a Rush “Clockwork Angels” concert in Denver on Friday, August 2.

Rebecca and I have seen Rush in concert dozens of times (I’ve been backstage at least once on every tour since the release of Presto) and this was my third time seeing the “Clockwork Angels” tour, but each time is an incredible experience. Besides, I have a bit of a personal connection to Clockwork Angels.

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Zombie Detectives and the Changing Face of Publishing

This article/profile appeared in the Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago, by Phil Simon. It covers a lot of interesting topics (and by reposting it here, I can include all the art that didn’t fit into the other version!)

If you’re one of the most successful authors in the business, you shouldn’t have anything to lose sleep over. Right?

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16 Miles on the Colorado Trail, Lake City to Silverton

I’m sitting in the quaint “Handlebars Saloon” in Silverton, Colorado, with a pint of “Handlebar Amber” in front of me, tired muscles, sore feet, and waiting for my green chile cheeseburger.  It’s a great way to cap a great day.

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25 Years as a Published Novelist

It’s my anniversary, of sorts.  Twenty-five years ago this month, my first novel was published, Resurrection, Inc., a paperback original from Signet Books.  Since then, I’ve had over 120 novels published, 23 million copies in print, but nothing could match the excitement of that first acceptance.

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San Diego Comic Con 2013 wrapup

We’ve been going to San Diego Comic Con for close to twenty years now, and it’s always a whirlwind of sights and sounds, friends, celebrities, crowds, freebies, costumes, crowds, and more crowds. In short, a madhouse, but in a good way.  Since the San Diego Convention Center is filled with pros and fans, I called it a “sea of ProFanity.”  And did I mention the crowds?

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