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HELLHOLE AWAKENING—Seattle, Norwescon, and Atlanta

Normally, I wouldn’t consider working the weekend as a guest speaker and panelist at a major science fiction convention to be the RELAXING part of the tour, but it was great just to stay in one place for a couple of days, unpack my suitcase, sleep in the same bed. On Saturday I had a worldbuilding panel with Ken Scholes, Brenda Carr, and Stephen Gillette, an autographing, a panel on Sail to Success, Superstars, and other high-end writers workshops with Arc Manor publisher Shahid Mahmud, Nancy Kress, and Jack Skellingstad, a panel on marketing for people who don’t like marketing.

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HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour—Houston and Seattle

Moving from city to city, day to day. The schedule is so tight I didn’t have time to do a blog the last couple of nights, though I did download and post some photos on Facebook  (If you want to check out the regular updates, please join my Facebook page.)

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A Birthday Signing in Dallas

March 27, the second day of my HELLHOLE AWAKENING book tour, was my birthday, and I celebrated it in Dallas with a terrific signing at a Barnes & Noble. I flew in from San Diego, then arranged to meet some friends as well as a large group of 501st Legion members for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory adjacent to the bookstore.  Total of 27 people at the dinner—which included cards and a North Texas Squad t-shirt and patch, and a cheesecake with candles, before the group rushed over to the back room of the store to suit up for the talk.

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HELLHOLE AWAKENING launches in San Diego

So I flew out of Denver this morning and arrived in San Diego (after a three hour delay at two airports), nearly finished inputting all the changes to The Dark Between the Stars manuscript from all the test readers.

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A Dark Week for Horror…

Three blows, each one harder than the last.

Wednesday I learned that prolific and popular horror writer James Herbert died. He had a great influence on the genre, with his huge mass-market hits The Rats, Fluke, The Fog, Lair. Critics might have thought he wrote garish horror; he had the last laugh when he received the Order of the British Empire as well as the Grand Master Award at the World Horror Convention.  Alas, I never met him.

Then on Friday, within an hour, I learned of the loss of two more, much closer friends.

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Announcing STALAG-X, new SF graphic novel

Here’s the official press release of a major new project:

Gestalt Comics are pleased to announce a major new science fiction comic series, STALAG-X, a candid tale of human soldiers struggling to survive in an alien concentration camp.

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Yes, he is a “well preserved” zombie detective, and handsome in his own way.

Romantic Times just posted a terrific review of Dan Shamble #3, HAIR RAISING:

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HELLHOLE AWAKENING sticky-notes *free*

This could be a disaster!

We’ve produced colorful and cool sticky-notes for HELLHOLE AWAKENING, and we’d like to give you a pack *free*.  Just send a self-addressed business envelope (at least 4 x 8.5″) with 46¢ postage to AnderZone, PO Box 767, Monument  CO 80132.

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A week from tomorrow, Hellhole Awakening hits US bookstores, and Brian and I launch our book-signing tour.

Please stop by to see us at one of our stops on the tour. We’ll be hitting nine cities total—

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