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The Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me

When I was starting out as an aspiring writer, I tried to decipher the business, but I felt like an explorer stranded in a strange land where I didn’t speak the native language.

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This Zombie’s Cheap (but he ain’t easy!)

Dan Shamble, Zombie PI is back from the dead and back on the case.  He’s a well-preserved zombie, doggedly shambling along to solve cases featuring werewolves, mummies, ghosts, and other things that go bump—or Thud!— in the night. But sometimes he needs a little shove.

Kensington Books is doing just that, offering an amazing special for the next couple of weeks only—you can read DEATH WARMED OVER, the first full-length Dan Shamble novel, for a mere $1.99!

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Bestseller Lists: The Numbers Game

I remember when I got my new first name—March 1994.  I had just attended a convention in Las Vegas, and when I headed home through McCarran Airport I stopped at one of the bookstands. There, I saw my just-released paperback of Jedi Search, prominently displayed right there in the #7 slot on their bestseller rack.

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Unpublished HELLHOLE Chapters: The Children of Amadin

In our novel Hellhole, colonists of all types make their way to a world devastated by an asteroid impact—outlaws, misfits, con men, religious splinter groups, convicts, and many others who have nothing left to lose and no place else to go.  Under the stern, but determined leadership of General Tiber Adolphus, the settlers have to work together; the colony can survive only if everyone pitches in.

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HELLHOLE AWAKENING—Only One Month Until Release!

Are you ready when all hell breaks loose? One month from today, March 26, HELLHOLE AWAKENING hits bookstore shelves!  I will be launching the book tour with a signing in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy Books, and Brian will launch in Portland, OR, at Powell’s Books.  We hope to see you at one of our appearances: full list below.

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When Is a Book a Book?—the Reading Experience

These days I own two eReaders, a Kobo and a Kindle (three, if you count my iPhone, but I don’t read books on it).  At WordFire Press we’ve put up over sixty titles of my backlist novels as well as some by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, Doug Beason, Bill Ransom, and others. Most of them are eBooks only, but some are in print editions.

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Lazy Spammers

The comments field on my blog gets bombarded by spam comments from people posing as real fans with generic posts (often with questionable English) like “wow, great job. Keep up the information. I found this very useful”—and a user name something like “fake Gucci Bags” or “Bahamas Vacations cheap.” In the past few months, though, they’ve gotten even lazier.  Below is an actual comment submitted to my blog, one of six identical ones received in the last week.  Come on, guys—at least put in a little effort!

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Hotel Details for 2013 Superstars Writing Seminar

We have finalized the hotel details for those attending the 2013 Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs this coming May 14–16.   We have a special rate at the stunning hotel, the Antlers Hilton, right at the base of Pike’s Peak, $109 per night, which includes free parking in downtown Colorado Springs.

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