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New, Previously Unpublished Frank Herbert Novel, ANGELS’ FALL

Frank Herbert published his first novel in 1956, the highly acclaimed futuristic thriller, The Dragon in the Sea.  Despite the success of Dragon, though, Frank Herbert spent the next several years writing novel after novel, unable to get them published. Then he wrote Dune, a novel that was also considered unpublishable…and eventually became the best-selling science fiction novel of all time.

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Dan Shamble, INTERNATIONAL Zombie P.I.

What do you do if you need a Zombie P.I., but you live outside the US or Canada? Now Dan Shamble has finally expanded his territory worldwide.

We’ve just released all of Dan Shamble’s adventures in eBook format worldwide on Kindle and Kobo. Readers around the world can enjoy these monstrous cases in the Unnatural Quarter for approximately $1–$5 US (depending on currency).  Jeff Herndon created amazing new covers for the entire series. (He’s working on HAIR RAISING right now—I’ve seen the sketches. It’s going to be awesome!)

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A Groundbreaking Change for EBook Sales

Publishing is changing faster than the tide can go in and out, and authors are climbing to higher ground, building boats, or getting washed out to sea.  Many of us are putting up backlist titles as our own indy eBooks, while writing frontlist titles for traditional publishers. Much has been posted about do-it-yourself eBook publishing for ambitious authors, but we’ve been out of the loop on the eBook versions of our titles from major publishers.  Until now.

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Our first titles up on the Baen eBook Library

WordFire Press has joined forced with the extremely popular and innovative Baen eBook Library, and our first four titles have just been featured in their Read more

Editing THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS: New “Seven Suns”

Late last fall I went through a writing marathon to finish the first draft of THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS—Book 1 in The Saga of Shadows, a new “next-generation” trilogy set in my Seven Suns universe.  After prepping for many months by rereading all seven novels in The Saga of Seven Suns, plotting the multiple storylines in great detail, I wrote the entire 836-page first draft in 47 days.  Then the editing started…

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Brainstorming HELLHOLE INFERNO with Brian Herbert

A week ago, I flew up to the Seattle area to spend several days with Brian Herbert so we could immerse ourselves in plotting HELLHOLE INFERNO, the finale to our Hellhole trilogy.  We do this for each book. Since we live far apart (Brian in Washington state, me in Colorado), we need the intense face-to-face brainstorming that lets us bring out the best in the story.

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New Dan Shamble, Zombie PI story “Road Kill”—read it free

Here’s a brand-new, never-before-published original story featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie PI.  ”Road Kill”—When Dan Shamble, Zombie PI wakes up in a coffin in the back of a semi truck, he knows it’s not going to be a good day. He has to escape, figure out what’s going on, foil a black-market blood-smuggling ring—and make sure he’s not dead on arrival!

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Tracy Hickman New Guest Instructor at Superstars 2013

Many of you know that Ben Wolverton, son of bestselling author David Farland (and one of our main Superstars instructors) in the hospital after a severe head injury, and Dave has decided that he won’t be able to teach at Superstars this year; Ben’s condition is just too much up in the air and he wants to focus his energies where they need to be. In the meantime, if you want to help Ben, there’s another book bomb set for this Saturday, May 4, Star Wars Day.

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