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Why We Write—from Tracy Hickman

At the recent Superstars Writing Seminar in Salt Lake City, bestselling fantasy author Tracy Hickman joined us  to sit in on some of the lectures. At the end of Friday, for a Q&A session with myself, Brandon Sanderson, David Farland, Rebecca Moesta, Eric Flint, and Sherrilyn Kenyon, Tracy asked me if he could have the microphone for ten minutes because he had something to say.  I didn’t know what he had in mind, but I was sure it would be something interesting.

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UK Tour for HELLHOLE next week

Heading off to England next week for the UK launch of my new novel with Brian Herbert, Hellhole.  Hellhole is an original science fiction epic, our first joint foray into a universe of our own creation.

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Another great Superstars Writing Seminar

Superstars Writing Seminar 2011 is a wrap!  Three days of lectures, workshops, and networking in Salt Lake City with about fifty dedicated authors, some aspiring, some already published.  Five international bestselling authors—Kevin J. Anderson, Brandon Sanderson, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta, and David Farland were the main speakers.

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COSine Colorado Springs science fiction convention

Rebecca and I will be appearing tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 22) at COSine, the Colorado Springs science fiction convention, which is held at the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Springs.

My panel list is:
11am – noon   Tragedy, Comedy, and Fantasy – How do you balance “happily ever after” with realism? (with Carol Berg, Sarah Hoyt, Rebecca Lickiss, Laura Reeve)

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New Cover for CAPTAIN NEMO

Titan Books will be reissuing my novel Captain Nemo in the US and the UK in September.  This has always been one of my favorites among my novels, and I’m very happy to see it brought back into print.

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Starred Booklist review for HELLHOLE

Our first review on HELLHOLE!  From Booklist:

(starred review)  Hellhole is a militaristic sf story of galactic proportions. The underdog, General Tiber Adolphus, had taken on the corrupted Constellation and lost as a direct result of choosing a moral high ground. The ruler of the Constellation, Diadem Michella Duchenet, does not have him executed but, rather, exiled permanently to a planet in the Deep Zone.

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Year-End Roundup

When designing our “Life Lessons from the Desert” 2011 Calendar, Tim compiled the book covers of all my releases and reprints for 2010.  Another busy year!

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WINDS OF DUNE in Afghanistan

Brian and I just received this letter from a Marine stationed in the desert.  Perhaps not as unpleasant a place as fictional Arrakis, but still a tough place to do pleasure reading:

“Hi, I am a U.S. Marine over in Afghanistan right now and since I joined the Marines I haven’t read a book in three years. Since I have been out here for my second deployment I found your book “The Winds of Dune”. Because of your book it has got me back into reading again, every chance I get to read I take it. So I just wanted to say thanks for getting me reading again.”

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Free Teacher’s Guide Now Available for STAR CHALLENGERS: MOONBASE CRISIS

The Challenger Centers for Space Science Education have created a detailed Teacher’s Guide to accompany the first novel in the Star Challengers series, Moonbase Crisis.  This Guide is an educational companion to help extend the learning as students enjoy the novel.

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Panel Schedule for Superstars Writing Seminar

Here’s the schedule of panels for the next Superstars Writing Seminar, which will be held in Salt Lake City, January 13–15.  As you can see from the list of topics, this three-day seminar is packed with great stuff, no-nonsense and practical material taught by six bestselling authors.   We’re not aware of anything comparable for the serious aspiring, or even professional, writer.

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