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New Dungeons & Dragons story

My new “Dungeons and Dragons” novelette, Oasis of Blood, has just been published as featured fiction on the official D&D website.  It’s set in the Dark Sun universe.

I wrote this story last fall on the cruise ship, while Rebecca and I were taking a Mediterrranean cruise.  I enjoyed the work very much.  The story is available for free download.

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Our German publisher Heyne has just released their translation of The Winds of Dune.  Heyne has always produced very nice-looking editions.

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HELLHOLE cover paintings

Stephen Youll, the fantastic artist who has done most of our Dune covers (as well as my three Star Wars anthologies and my solo novel Blindfold) has delivered his cover paintings for HELLHOLE, the first book in my new epic SF trilogy with Brian Herbert.  Steve painted two variations on a spectacular scene that really captures the planet Hellhole…a terrible place that only the most desperate colonists will accept, but also with a majestic secret.  An all-new science fiction saga for those who enjoyed my Dune novels with Brian Herbert or my Saga of Seven Suns series.

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Climbing Mount Ouray

Last Tuesday I climbed spectacular Mount Ouray, a very distinctive peak prominent on the drive to Salida, Colorado.  Ouray is 13,971 ft, a hair shy of a Fourteener—which means that very few people climb it, regardless of how spectacular it is.

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Guide to Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction

Philip Athans, the managing editor for novels at Wizards of the Coast, has just put together an extensive and extremely useful book for aspiring authors in SF/F, The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction.  He did extensive interviews with me, R.A. Salvatore, Mike Resnick, Terry Brooks, and other bestselling, award-winning authors to develop an extensive guidebook on all aspects of developing, writing, and publishing in the genre.

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Now that HELLHOLE is delivered and in production, Brian Herbert and I spent most of last week holed up together in intensive brainstorming for our next DUNE novel.

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Colorado Book Award Finalist

Just received my Finalist certificate from the Colorado Book Awards for The Edge of the World.

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THE MAP OF ALL THINGS Sample Chapter 1

The second Terra Incognita novel comes out in a few weeks from Orbit Books.  I’ve added the first sample chapter, below.

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Covers for new DUNE foreign editions

First off, just received our second review for the Terra Incognita/Roswell Six CD.  Read it at the Sea of Tranquility website.

Also in today’s mail, some foreign editions of or recent Dune novels:

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Lines in the Sand

The second Terra Incognita rock CD, “A Line in the Sand,” is due to be released in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve just received my first sample copies.  For the past year, we’ve been hearing drafts of the songs, the music, the scratch vocals, then the final vocals, and at last the final mixes.  But even after all that, actually playing the CD is quite a thrill.   Henning Pauly worked his magic on each of the tracks, turning our song ideas and our lyrics into terrific final music.  (Good enough to be played at 11 on the volume knob.)

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