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  • New Brian Herbert and KJA Interview

    Check out the new interview from Flickering Myth...

    Villordsutch: Mentats of Dune has just been released to the world and now you have a small amount of breathing room before you begin book 3 in the Schools of Dune Trilogy. What are you doing just for yourselves?

    Brian Herbert: When I’m not writing Dune or Hellhole books with Kevin, I’m working on other writing projects. I recently wrote the novel OCEAN, based upon an idea from my wife, Jan. And it’s not just “an idea.” It’s the best idea I never had! She came back from Hawaii, where she’d been swimming, and said to me, “What if the ocean were to fight back against us? What if it declared war on us?” By that she meant that the creatures of the sea, and the spirit of the ocean itself, have become upset about the pollution that humans have dumped in the waters, and are going to do something about it. In our new novel OCEAN (published by WordFire Press), the dangerous sea creatures declare war on humans. They clear swimming beaches by infesting them with poisonous jellyfish and stonefish, and then create a military force of very dangerous marine animals to drive humans out of the entire ocean—fast-attack sharks and barracudas, swordfish and needlefish (capable of impaling Navy frogmen), huge blue whales (capable of beaching large ships), poisonous jellyfish, Humboldt (jumbo) squid (with sharp, flesh-eating beaks), sawfish, lampreys (clamp onto human faces and digest flesh) , cookie-cutter sharks (cut off chunks of flesh), vampire-like sea spiders, sea snakes (more venomous than cobras), bluefish (go into piranha-like attack frenzies), warrior crabs, and a lot more. They even have giant sea creatures thought to be extinct, such as plesiosaurs (Loch Ness monsters), 50-foot long sharks, and huge crocodiles with bone-crushing jaws. The armada is led by an officer corps of Sea Warriors (hybrid fish-humans), one of whom is capable of generating immense tidal waves that slam into the coast of the United States (the world’s biggest polluter). The Sea Warriors are ocean-activists, and one of their tactics is to use the marine animals to push all human garbage in the ocean (plastics, sunken ships, automobiles, military planes, refrigerators and other junk, etc.) back onto the beaches of the United States, forcing humans to clean up their own mess. The ocean is no longer going to be a dumping ground for human garbage.

    Kevin J. Anderson: I’m doing a lot of convention appearances to promote not only MENTATS but several other books. I have THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS–a new novel in my Saga of Seven Suns universe–coming out soon, as well as THE DRAGON BUSINESS, a new book in my Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. series. And Brian and I both have HELLHOLE INFERNO (just delivered). And I’m running my own publishing company, WordFire Press. So, not a LOT of breathing room.

    V: Do you both have you a long-term goal with where you’re heading with the epic Dune saga (in general, not just the Schools) or do you occasional have a spark of inspiration and from that grows a new Dune tale?

    Read the rest of the interview at Flickering Myth....

  • Dune story chronology updated with release of MENTATS OF DUNE (March 2014)

    Here's an updated (March 2014) DUNE story chronology for those interested:

    Hunting Harkonnens (Short-Story)
    The Butlerian Jihad
    Whipping Mek (Short-Story)
    The Machine Crusade
    The Faces of a Martyr (Short-Story)
    The Battle of Corrin

    Sisterhood of Dune
    Mentats of Dune

    House Atreides
    House Harkonnen
    House Corrino

    A Whisper of Caladan Seas (Short-Story, takes place during 'Dune')
    Paul of Dune
    The Road to Dune (Short-Story by FH)
    Dune Messiah
    The Winds of Dune
    Children of Dune

    God Emperor of Dune

    Heretics of Dune
    Chapterhouse Dune
    Sea Child (Short-Story, takes place during 'Chapterhouse Dune')
    Hunters of Dune
    Treasure in the Sand (Short Story)
    Sandworms of Dune

  • Frank Herbert Park in Tacoma, Washington

    Please sign the petition to get this park named after Frank Herbert. Thanks Dune fans!


    MENTATS OF DUNE is slated for release in March 2014. Exciting news as the Great Schools series continues.


    Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will be autographing their new book, HELLHOLE AWAKENING (HELLHOLE 2) at the following locations, dates and times:

    TUESDAY, 3/26/13, at 7:00 PM -- Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, 3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, Oregon 97005. (Brian only, without Kevin)

    FRIDAY, 3/29/13, at 7:00 PM -- University Temple United Methodist, 1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle, WA 98105. (Brian and Kevin will appear together).

  • Updated UK SISTERHOOD OF DUNE Coverart

    New UK SISTERHOOD OF DUNE coverart has been released. Check it out!

  • Chronology of Dune Books Now Available!

    We often get the question: What is the chronological order of the Dune novels? In order to help Dune fans figure that out, Kimberly Herbert (granddaughter of Frank Herbert, and daughter of Brian Herbert) came up with a fantastic, printable version of the chronology. We hope you enjoy it!


    SISTERHOOD OF DUNE is the #1 bestseller on Locus Magazine's list of SF.

  • HIGH OPP available as paperback book

    HIGH OPP, the newly released Frank Herbert title, is now available as a paperback book, too.

  • New Frank Herbert eBook NOW AVAILABLE!

    Frank Herbert's never-before-published novel HIGH OPP has made it's way out of the dusty attic and into eBook format.