August 2010

Scribe Award trophy arrives

It’s very nice when the mail carrier delivers something other than bills.  A package just arrived with the very nicely wrapped trophy for my Scribe Award win for Enemies & Allies.  The award was announced at this year’s Comic Con International in San Diego.

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More support for STAR CHALLENGERS series

The annual conference for the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education was held this week in St. Louis, MO.  June Scobee Rodgers and Pam Peterson (Western Regional Director for the Challenger Centers) gave a presentation about our new Star Challengers series to promote the space program and education in science and technology.

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UK cover for HELLHOLE

Simon & Schuster UK has sent us their striking cover for HELLHOLE, my forthcoming original novel with Brian Herbert.

cover text:

Only the most desperate would ever dare to make a home on Hellhole.

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STAR CHALLENGERS—Official Announcement

I’ve mentioned previously the new Young Adult space series that Rebecca and I are writing to support the Challenger Learning Centers, Star Challengers.  The first book is about to be released, and the first press release just went out at GenCon last weekend, to be followed up by an official launch at the national Challenger Center conference in St Louis next week.

Here’s the text of the press release:

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Writing on the Colorado Trail

Last week I found myself faced with an avalanche of deadlines.  I wrapped up all the pieces, contracts, permissions, copyright listing, contents, bios, and intros for the next Nebula Awards Showcase, which I’m editing.  Brian Herbert and I wrapped up the back-and-forth expansion of our chapter outline for The Sisterhood of Dune; we’ve found that the more detail we put into our outlines, the smoother the writing process goes; altogether this outline is over 100 pages long (the novel itself will probably be 600 pages or so).

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ENEMIES & ALLIES wins Scribe Award

At San Diego Comic Con, my Batman/Superman novel Enemies & Allies won the Scribe Award, presented by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, in the speculative fiction category (tied with Greg Cox and his Read more