November 2010

Superstars Writing Seminar on YouTube

During the previous Superstars Writing Seminar in Pasadena, one of our attendees—Moses Sirigar—interviewed a few of his classmates about their experience.  We’ve put up the first four of those brief interviews/testimonials on YouTube.  You can watch them at

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Stormtroopers and Star Challengers

On Saturday, November 13, the Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Springs, CO, held a special event:  A moonbase simulation adventure open to the public (all available slots sold out a few days in advance), coupled with a book signing for the new Star Challengers novel, Moonbase Crisis.  June Scobee Rodgers, co-creator of the series and founder of the Challenger Centers, was there with authors Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson.

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Writing Productivity Podcast & Catching Up

There’s always a price tag on a trip.

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At the Sharjah Book Fair, United Arab Emirates

Rebecca and I just got home Sunday night, after 23 hours in transit, from Dubai via Frankfurt then Denver.

We were invited to be guest authors at the Sharjah Book Fair in the United Arab Emirates, a trade show that is also open to the public; they reported 600,000 attendees last year.  Our appearance came about because of Terra Incognita.

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