April 2011

Dune Movie News Update

Although the Dune movie appears to have taken a hit, it has been a buzz of activity at Herbert Central. We have some "big-wigs" from a couple of production companies flying in to Seattle this week to chat with us about picking up the project. Stay tuned for more!

Widening the Net—Ebooks

It’s not often that an ad makes me realize how much the world has changed, but there it was on the back cover of Outside Magazine: the full back cover, the most prominent advertising space in the entire magazine…featuring the Kindle ebook reader, touting its light weight, long battery life, and storage capacity for thousands of books.

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Analog…for most of my life

I just sold another story to Analog Magazine, “A Delicate Balance.” No word on when it’ll be published.  This will be approximately my tenth appearance in the magazine.

When I was just starting out as a writer, Analog was like the holy grail to me. I had my list of short-story markets, and I submitted stories regularly to every magazine in the science fiction field, but Analog was special. Analog was the magazine that I actually read.

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We’ve just made two more of my novels available for Kindle, nook, Kobo, iPad, Sony e-reader, and other formats.  The Trinity Paradox, with Doug Beason, and Blindfold have been out of print and hard to find for some time. The Trinity Paradox also has an all-new afterword by Doug Beason.

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Free Unpublished Chapters from HELLHOLE

When editing and revising HELLHOLE, Brian Herbert and I decided to cut out two chapters—an entire side-storyline detailing the Children of Amadin, the splinter religious group that goes off to found their own isolated settlement.  In the published novel, readers never learned what happened to Lujah Carey and his followers.

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Las Vegas Hotel for Superstars Writing Seminar 2012

We have set up a special hotel rate for the next Superstars Writing Seminar, to be held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino f

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WonderCon Was Wonderful in 2011

Hello everyone! We had an amazing weekend in San Francisco at WonderCon. Met so many Dune fans, shook so many hands, and enjoyed the company of family and friends during this wondrous event. Thanks to all of you who stopped by and visited with us, told us how much you love all of the books, and your hopes and dreams for Dune items in the future.

Now it's on to ComiCon in July! Whoop!

Home again, to…relax?

After being gone from home for more than two weeks, it was great to arrive back in Colorado, to my own house, my wife, the cats (all of whom claimed to be attention-starved), my kitchen, my office, my pillow…and the stack of mail, all the “take care of this when you have time” requests, the usual household emergencies, the ringing phone.

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HOUSTON—Last Stop on the Hellhole Tour

Landed in Houston, grabbed my luggage, met my driver Charles…this is all seeming very familiar, getting into a routine, running smoothly.  Must be time to wrap it up.

Over the course of the day we drove to eight bookstores.  Sprawling Houston has a very large geographical area (mostly filled with malls, restaurants, and freeways…at least that’s what I could see from our car).  Charles and I had a lunch of good Mexican food (a requirement secondary only to barbecue…and we wuld have barbecue for dinner).

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