May 2011

Found in the File: My First Published Story

When digging through old boxes and files a few days ago, I came upon my high-school scrapbooks and the magazine that printed my first story ever. I was 14 years old, and a Wisconsin High School Writings publication chose my story “Memorial.” (The story was later reprinted in the small-press magazine Alpha Adventures.

I’ve reproduced it below in its entirety. Maybe Steven Spielberg will see it now and decide to make it into an epic $200M film!

Or maybe not.

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Writers of the Future Awards 2011

One of our highlights every year is to attend the Writers of the Future workshop and awards, the genre’s most spectacular awards ceremony.  I have been a judge in the contest since 1996 and Rebecca became a judge in 2007. Last year, I gave a speech describing the first 25 years of the contest, which has just been posted on YouTube. It’s less than four minutes long.

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Happy Towel Day, in Honor of Douglas Adams

In memory of Douglas Adams, the late author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, May 25 has been designated Towel Day.

I thought it appropriate to pose for a pic in the gym with my very own “Don’t Panic” towel.

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Second Life As eBooks: HOPSCOTCH and LIFELINE

With eReaders becoming so ubiquitous in all types and sizes, from smartphones to Kindles/Nooks/Kobos, to iPads and other tablets, many authors (including myself) are experiencing a Renaissance of their backlist. Stories that were published in magazines or anthologies, then quickly vanished from the bookstores…novels that have been unavailable to the public except in used-book stores or pirate sites—now they have a second life as eBooks.

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Writers of the Future Week, with side trips to Sisterhood of Dune, Hellhole Awakening, Terra Incognita #3 CD, and a new Dune short story

Rebecca and I just returned from five days in Hollywood at the workshop and awards ceremony for the annual Writers of the Future event.  The 12 winning writers from the past four quarters, as well as a published finalist and a 2010 winner who had not been able to attend last year, spent several intensive days with Tim Powers and K.D.

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“Drumbeats” Expanded Edition with Neil Peart

Previously WordFire Press made available the dark fantasy story “Drumbeats,” written with Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. “A rock drummer bicycling through the African wilderness encounters a village that makes very special drums. This one will make your heart skip a beat.”

Now, we’ve added a background essay by Neil about our collaboration and interactions over the past twenty years, and I wrote an all-new introduction to the piece.  Two essays and a complete story for $2.99, available in all eReader formats.

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Brian Herbert’s TIMEWEB Trilogy Now Available for eReaders

Several years ago, Brian Herbert released his original space epic trilogy, Timeweb, The Web and the Stars, and Webdancers.  While the novels were widely distributed through the library system, the publisher had problems with bookstore distribution, and therefore many readers had trouble buying copies during our booksigning tours.

Now we’ve made the Timeweb trilogy widely available in eBook form, in all eReader formats and worldwide.  A second chance.

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E-Books Galore!

WordFire and Dune Novels have joined forces to bring you some new e-content. We're still building it, but watch for MANY new e-offerings in the very near future (plenty of Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert and some never before seen Frank Herbert works) coming your way!

Announcing the Contents of BLOOD LITE 3: AFTERTASTE

Now that we’re in production with Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste, I can release the full contents of the book, 30 all-new stories that show the funnier side of bloodlust and mayhem. In addition to contributions by bestselling and award-winning authors, some of these writers may not be familiar to you…but it’s a good place to start. The book leads off with a new Harry Dresden story by Jim Butcher, followed by the funniest zombie golf adventure you’ve ever read…a new Otherworld story by Kelley Armstrong, and …well, I won’t give it all away.

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A Second Life for Short Stories as eBooks

Over the course of my career I’ve published nearly a hundred pieces of short fiction.  When a novel is released, readers can find it in the bookstores for many months or years, but when a short story appears in a magazine, it’s gone in a month as soon as the next issue arrives.

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