June 2011


THE SISTERHOOD OF DUNE official release date: March 2012.

A Month of Terra Incognita

My fantasy epic, Terra Incognita, reaches its finale this month with the release of the third volume, The Key to Creation from Orbit Books.  A complex and sprawling tale of sailing ships and sea monsters, intrepid explorers voyaging to uncharted lands, and a religious war that has thrown two continents against each other.  As fans of my Saga of Seven Suns know, as well as my Dune and Hellhole novels with Brian Herbert, I like to tell vast stories with numerous characters and many perspectives from across the spectrum.

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Faster than the Speed of Publishing: eBooks

Last July while on a solo camping trip in the wilderness, I found myself in between novel projects. Because I dictate most of my writing while hiking, I hated to let all that good creative time go to waste—so I wrote two short stories that had been on my back-burner, a science fiction piece called “A Delicate Balance” and an original fantasy story, a spinoff of my Terra Incognita trilogy, titled “Mythical Creatures.”

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Doug Beason interview on THE TRINITY PARADOX

Our novel THE TRINITY PARADOX throws and anti-nuclear activist back in time to the days of the Manhattan Project in WWII.  Activist Elizabeth Devane wished for an end to nuclear weapons. During a protest, the unthinkable happens: a flash of light and Elizabeth awakes to find herself alone in a desolate desert arroyo almost fifty years in the past: 1944, Los Alamos, New Mexico. The Manhattan Project. Could she—should she—attempt the greatest sabotage in history?

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