July 2011

The Cure for Crowds

We’ve had a very busy month, meeting a lot of fans.  A LOT of fans. In June we spent two weeks with Supanova in Australia, the pop-culture convention, where we signed a lot of autographs in Sydney and Perth. Then, after a couple of weeks at home, we headed off to San Diego for Comic Con International, 150,000 or so fans in the San Diego Convention Center; Rebecca was one of the special guest authors.  Again, a lot of people.

I needed some recharge time.

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Another Great San Diego Comic Con

Returned home from another exciting, crowded, and fruitful San Diego Comic Con. I would have posted photos earlier, but we forgot to bring the download cable for the camera!

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Dune Booth Has Amazing Presence at ComiCon

2011 represented the first year for DUNE novels at ComiCon, and what a year it was! So many people, fans, and ComiCon professionals commented on the beautiful booth that we will probably have a regular presence at ComiCon from now on. The funniest thing was hearing all of the people swing by the booth and say, "Dune! I grew up with those books!"

Fans new and old were amazed at our presence and the professional appearance of the DUNE booth. Nowhere ever (that we're aware of) have so many Dune titles been shown and available to book readers.

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Comic Con Schedule

For those of you trying to track me or Rebecca down at San Diego Comic Con, here’s where you can find us:

Noon:  Kevin Panel, “Putting the Epic in Epic Fantasy” rm 6A (with George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Christopher Paolini, Peter Orullian, KJ Taylor)

1:30 Autographing in Sail Pavilion (following panel)

3 PM–4 PM at Dunenovels Booth #1318

11:30 Spotlight Panel on Rebecca Moesta Rm 9
Autographing after panel (K&R)

2:30-3:30 at Dunenovels Booth #1318

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Great High-Tech Thrillers by Bill Ransom

Bill Ransom, Frank Herbert’s coauthor on the Pandora Sequence (The Jesus Incident, The Lazarus Effect, and The Ascension Factor) is an accomplished and respected novelist in his own right, and WordFirePress is pleased to offer Bill’s backlist of gritty, near-future thrillers which have been unavailable for many years—ViraVax, Burn, and Jaguar (all for $2.99), as well as The Jesus Incident.

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I have a short story about the Frankenstein Monster in Christopher Golden’s upcoming anthology, The Monster’s Corner, which will be released by St. Martin’s Books at the end of September. My story is titled “Torn Stitches, Shattered Glass” and is set during kristallnacht, at the beginning of WWII. Other authors included are Kelley Armstrong, Simon R. Green, Jonathan Maberry, and many others.  Publishers Weekly listed The Monster’s Corner among the ten most-anticipated SF/Fantasy/Horror books for fall.

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New Cover for ILL WIND, New Text for ASSEMBLERS

We have gotten a new cover, designed by Neil Jackson, for my high-tech oil-spill disaster novel, ILL WIND, written with Doug Beason. The eBook is available in all formats from WordFire Press.

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