November 2011

Autographed Books for the Holidays

In case you, or any other KJA fan, is in search of an autographed book as a holiday gift, a hard-to-find title, full sets, and unusual limited-edition items, keep in mind that we have a full range of Kevin’s titles at AnderZoneShop.

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Brian and I are doing a two-pronged tour for SISTERHOOD OF DUNE to hit twice as many cities and see twice as many fans;  If you live in any of the following areas, come see us and get your books autographed for free: Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Redondo Beach, San Diego, Bellingham (WA)

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SISTERHOOD OF DUNE—hardcover dustjacket UK

Today they were enduring another funeral for a dead Sister, one more tragic death from poison…another failure to create the second Reverend Mother.

Crisis. Survival. Advancement.

Raquella didn’t know how many more lives she could justify losing in order to reach the elusive goal. Optimistic and determined, her best trainees continued to believe in her.

And they died.

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Hardcover HELLHOLE 1st Editions for only $1.77

Call it a loss-leader.  Or a glitch.  Or over-enthusiastic lowest-price-matching bots having a duel between bookstores. Whatever the reason, amazon is having a ridiculous sale on my novel HELLHOLE with Brian Herbert.  The novel—new, hardcover, first editions—is selling for only $1.77 (and free shipping if you’re an amazon Prime customer).

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Publishers Weekly gives Sisterhood of Dune a thumbs up, calling it a “fun blend of space opera and dynastic soap opera” that “zips along faster than light.”

U.S. cover (Tor Books)

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Covers for New DUNE Library

Tor Books is in the process of reissuing their complete set of our new DUNE novels with striking new designs of the covers.  All artwork by Stephen Youll except for Winds of Dune and Sisterhood of Dune, by Steve Stone.

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Sneak Preview BLOOD LITE 3: AFTERTASTE Cover

Hot off the presses, first look at Pocket’s new cover for BLOOD LITE 3: AFTERTASTE.

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Approaching TAU CETI—Book Released Soon

My new hard science fiction story TAU CETI, with sequel novelette written by Steven Savile, arrives November 22.

The generation ship Beacon has voyaged for two centuries to reach a new planet at Tau Ceti, but just as the Beacon is about to arrive at their new home away from home, distant Earth develops faster-than-light ships…and a ruthless dictator wants to lay claim to their dream.

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Tour Cities Announced for SISTERHOOD OF DUNE

Tor Books has just confirmed the cities where Brian Herbert and I will be signing copies of SISTERHOOD OF DUNE this January.  In order to make twice as many stops, in twice as many cities, and see twice as many fans, we are going on parallel tours.  Don’t worry, we’ll each carry signed book plates from the other, so readers can get both signatures.

Jan 3, Denver
Jan 4, Minneapolis
Jan 5, Chicago
Jan 6, Dayton
Jan 7, Cincinnati
Jan 8, Atlanta
Jan 9, Orlando
Jan 10, Dallas
Jan 11, Houston

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The Role of Enhanced Books in the Future of Publishing

Guest Blog by bestselling author David Farland

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