January 2012

More photos from SISTERHOOD OF DUNE tour

Some shots fans have sent me of the signings in Houston, Atlanta, and Minneapolis—obviously still a lot of support from my Star Wars fans as well.

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Remembering Curie

We just lost our beloved cat Curie, a Russian blue, who gave us eighteen years of happiness and precious company.  For those of you who have pets, I don’t need to explain how terribly painful it is; for those who don’t have pets, there’s no way I can explain it.

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I’m sitting in the Houston airport, waiting to board the plane home after doing SISTERHOOD OF DUNE talks and appearances in nine cities.  The hotels were nice, the many fans were wonderful…but home is awfully nice, too.

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The SISTERHOOD OF DUNE tour began on January 3. Brian spent the day going around Seattle signing stock in area bookstores, while I hit the stores in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder (14 bookstores in all).  That evening’s event at Barnes & Noble drew 55 people, including 15 fully costumed Star Wars fans.  (Yes, it was a Dune signing, but I’ve done 54 Star Wars books as well, and many of the SW fans are also big Dune fans.  I love it when they come out to support the events.)

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New SISTERHOOD OF DUNE Hits Bookstores Today

I packed the suitcase last night while Rebecca and I watched a DVD of “Arrested Development” and this morning I’m ready to head off, spending the morning in Colorado Springs at bookstores signing copies of SISTERHOOD OF DUNE, as soon as the stores unpack their boxes.  I’ll spend the afternoon in Denver and Boulder doing dropby signings at numerous stores, then I’ll get to the Lone Tree Barnes & Noble for my formal talk and signing event tonight at 7 PM.  Brian has a similar schedule today all around the Seattle area, ending up at the University Book Store for his debut signing tonight.

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SISTERHOOD OF DUNE Tour Starts Tomorrow

The first new Dune novel in 2-1/2 years, SISTERHOOD OF DUNE, is released in the US tomorrow, Jan 3.  Brian Herbert and I are launching our “double tour,” with Brian doing the initial signing at University Book Store in Seattle and I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Lone Tree (Denver area).

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Sisterhood of Dune Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow starts the SISTERHOOD OF DUNE national book tour.

Jan 3, Tuesday
DENVER: Kevin—B&N, Lone Tree, CO/7pm
SEATTLE: Brian—University Bookstore, Seattle, WA /7pm

Jan 4, Wednesday
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Kevin—Uncle Hugo’s/5:30 PM
PORTLAND, OR: Brian—Powells Books/7pm

Jan 5, Thursday
CHICAGO area: Kevin—Fremont library, Mundelein IL/7pm

Jan 6, Friday
DAYTON, OH: Kevin—Books & Co at the Greene/7pm

Jan 7, Saturday
CINCINNATI, OH: Kevin—Joseph-Beth Bookselllers/1 PM

Jan 8, Sunday
ATLANTA (Decatur): Kevin—Eagle Eye Bookstore/2 PM

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