June 2012

Free Preview Booklet of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel

For the Book Expo America in New York, ECW Press produced a beautiful sneak preview booklet for Clockwork Angels: The Novel, which includes introductions by myself and by Neil Peart, the first three chapters of the novel, three of Hugh Syme’s illustrations, and the lyrics for “Caravan” from the Rush CD Clockwork Angels.

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KEY TO CREATION in paperback next week: the finale to Terra Incognita!

The third book in my Terra Incognita trilogy, THE KEY TO CREATION, will be released in paperback next week. I just received my author copies, and they look gorgeous!

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Neil Peart reads audiobook of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel

June is audiobook month—so it’s appropriate to make the posting and announcement here.

Shortly after we sold the hardcover novel of Clockwork Angels to ECW Press (for a lavish full-color edition with illustrations by Hugh Syme), I was contacted by the editor at Brilliance Audio, who had produced the unabridged audios of many of my novels.  Of course we wanted an audiobook edition of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, and we knew the fans would want it as well (Rush fans being audio-oriented, and all).

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Brainstorming MENTATS OF DUNE

It’s an annual pilgrimage, when I travel up to spend days with Brian Herbert so we can brainstorm our next novel together.  Last year, it was HELLHOLE AWAKENING, before that SISTERHOOD OF DUNE.  This year, we’re ready to dive back into the Dune universe with MENTATS OF DUNE, the follow-up to SISTERHOOD OF DUNE.

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Dust Jacket for CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel

Flap copy for Clockwork Angels: The Novel:

I can’t stop thinking big…

International bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson teams up with Rush lyricist and drummer Neil Peart to expand the story set out in Clockwork Angels, the twentieth studio album by the legendary rock band.

All the journeys of this great adventure—
It didn’t always feel that way

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Ray Bradbury: The Man Who Illustrated Our Imaginations

This week at the Book Expo America, I had a lunch meeting with my publicity team from Kensington Books to go over all the plans for Death Warmed Over.  I got to the restaurant a little early, took a seat at the table, checked my email on the phone.  Just as my friends walked through the door, I got a message forwarded from my brother-in-law Tim:

Ray Bradbury, Master of Science Fiction, Dies at 91

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CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel photos from signing

A freelance photographer working for Billboard Magazine dropped by my signing yesterday at the ECW booth and took these photos.  A great crowd, lots of excitement for the book…and now the Rush album comes out in less than a week.

If you did not get one of the free sampler booklets, I’m doing another signing at the ECW booth (#2740) this morning at 10 AM. I will also make some of the leftovers available by mail, via my website; details to be posted soon.

All photos by John DeNobile, Photographer.

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CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel — sneak preview signing

At the Book Expo America, I spent lunch yesterday at a “blogger lunch” which was like speed dating for authors. I sat at a table with 7-8 bloggers and had fifteen minutes to talk about CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel and DEATH WARMED OVER.  Then the MC told the authors to switch to a new table, where I sat and talked about the novels to a different group of bloggers.  I got to grab a bite of my turkey wrap in between each switch, then went on to another table — energetic, and exhausting!

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BOOK EXPO Signing/Appearance Schedule

Ready to head off for the first day at Book Expo America.

In addition to some lunches and panels, here is my signing schedule.  Sop by and get me to scribble on something!  Pick up a free copy of HELLHOLE, or the CLOCKWORK ANGELS sampler booklet, a DEATH WARMED OVER card!


10 AM Kobo Booth #3948 (will be signing cards for DEATH WARMED OVER)

2:30  ECW Booth #2750  (free CLOCKWORK ANGELS sampler booklets)



10 AM  ECW Booth #2750  (free CLOCKWORK ANGELS sampler booklets)

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CLOCKWORK ANGELS Sampler Booklet at Book Expo America

ECW Press, the publisher of the hardcover edition of Clockwork Angels: Th

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