January 2013

RustyCon in Seattle, COSine in Colorado Springs

Two weekends in a row, two cons in a row.

January 18–20, Rebecca and I were guests of honor, along with Brian Herbert, at RustyCon a small and cozy science fiction convention at the SeaTac Marriott in Seattle.  We had a great time meeting fans, but also just hanging out with Brian and his family.  Brian is currently editing the fourth draft of MENTATS OF DUNE, so we were able to do a little brainstorming.

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Sail to Success Writing Cruise

Man, I wish these things were available when I was starting out as a writer!

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CLOCKWORK ANGELS: Special “Watchmaker’s Edition”

Now this is really cool.  Brilliance Audio is creating an amazing special edition for their unabridged audio of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, read by Neil Peart.  A special packaging designed in part by Hugh Syme, a real clocktower and a working clock, stained-glass insets! Preorder for $79.99.

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