February 2013

HELLHOLE AWAKENING—Only One Month Until Release!

Are you ready when all hell breaks loose? One month from today, March 26, HELLHOLE AWAKENING hits bookstore shelves!  I will be launching the book tour with a signing in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy Books, and Brian will launch in Portland, OR, at Powell’s Books.  We hope to see you at one of our appearances: full list below.

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When Is a Book a Book?—the Reading Experience

These days I own two eReaders, a Kobo and a Kindle (three, if you count my iPhone, but I don’t read books on it).  At WordFire Press we’ve put up over sixty titles of my backlist novels as well as some by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, Doug Beason, Bill Ransom, and others. Most of them are eBooks only, but some are in print editions.

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Lazy Spammers

The comments field on my blog gets bombarded by spam comments from people posing as real fans with generic posts (often with questionable English) like “wow, great job. Keep up the information. I found this very useful”—and a user name something like “fake Gucci Bags” or “Bahamas Vacations cheap.” In the past few months, though, they’ve gotten even lazier.  Below is an actual comment submitted to my blog, one of six identical ones received in the last week.  Come on, guys—at least put in a little effort!

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Hotel Details for 2013 Superstars Writing Seminar

We have finalized the hotel details for those attending the 2013 Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs this coming May 14–16.   We have a special rate at the stunning hotel, the Antlers Hilton, right at the base of Pike’s Peak, $109 per night, which includes free parking in downtown Colorado Springs.

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CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Watchmaker’s Edition

Here’s what came for today’s dose of awesomeness—the special, high-end “Watchmaker’s Edition” of the CLOCKWORK ANGELS unabridged audio, read by Neil Peart.  This is a limited edition package with an amazing design (done by Hugh Syme), which includes a working clock!

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The Series Death Spiral, and other unfortunate realities of publishing

So why is Book 2 so important?

When a new trilogy or series is launched, publisher and author put a great deal of emphasis on attracting their audience, getting the books out the gate with as much bang as possible.  Then, for the grand finale, the final book in a series, publisher and author will do another big push, getting readers to pick up the whole thing.

But what about poor Book 2? The second novel in a series or trilogy may well be the most important factor in determining the success (or failure) of the series.

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Colorado Springs signing added to HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour

We’ve just added another stop on the HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour, a talk and signing at one of my hometown stores, the Barnes & Noble at Citadel in Colorado Springs, Tuesday April 9, at 7 PM.  Please look at the list of cities below and come out to say hi if I’m in your area.  I’ll have some giveaways, will give a talk, answer questions, and of course sign books.

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Picking the HELLHOLE AWAKENING Tour Cities

Brian Herbert and I have done a tour for every one of our novel releases; sometimes they are lengthy and extensive tours, sometimes they are shorter.  On some tours we go together, on some we take separate paths and hit different cities.

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Tour Cities Announced for HELLHOLE AWAKENING

Tor Books has arranged a national tour for HELLHOLE AWAKENING, which launches on Tuesday, March 26.  Please come out and see me and Brian Herbert—get your books signed, ask questions, and we might even have some cool giveaways.

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