April 2013

A HAIR RAISING release day!

The third full-length Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novel—HAIR RAISING—hit bookstores today.  You could hear the howling from miles away!

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MENTATS OF DUNE has been officially slated for release in March 2014. Watch for it!

Dan Shamble HAIR RAISING—Chapter 2

And, your second free taste of HAIR RAISING.  Preorder the eBook or print book now. It will officially be in bookstores on Tuesday.


Chapter 2

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HAIR RAISING: New Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Here’s a free taste!

Next Tuesday, April 30, the third full-length Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. novel will hit bookstores.  Here’s another set of hilarious adventures from the detective who puts the P.I. back into R.I.P.  In chapter one, below, you’ll see illegal cockatrice fighting, werewolf gambling rings, voodoo tattoos, and more.  Even if you’ve never read a Dan Shamble adventure before, I think you’ll enjoy it.  Preorder the book now in print and eBook formats.

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Less than a month until SUPERSTARS WRITING SEMINAR

On May 14–16 in Colorado Springs, we’ll be hosting our fourth Superstars Writing Seminar. If you’re a serious writer interested in learning about the business and kicking your career up a notch, we hope to see you there.  Not much time left to sign up!

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The Glamorous Life

A few years ago, I went on an extensive national book-signing tour for my novel Ai! Pedrito!—the tour in which I set the Guinness World Record for the “largest single-author book signing.”  We hit 27 cities in 28 days—and I remember my neighbor grinning when I told her about the upcoming trip. “Oh, how glamorous it must be!  27 cities in 28 days!”

You can always identify the people who don’t travel often….

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Colorado Springs Signing for HELLHOLE AWAKENING

Just because I came home from my HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour didn’t mean that the signings stopped. We came home from RavenCon in Richmond VA by about midnight Sunday, and by then my cold and laryngitis had gotten even worse, and now my eyes were very red (with the raspy voice and the bloodshot eyes, I had a real “demonic” thing going).  First thing Monday morning I went to see the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics as well as eyedrops to get rid of conjunctivitis (and he told me to rest, but alas that wasn’t going to happen).  I had a Colorado Springs signing the following night.

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WordFire Press Titles to Become Part of the Baen eBook Library

Some cool news from our publishing side:

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RavenCon in Richmond VA

After half a day at home, from Dayton OH on my HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour, I flew off with Rebecca to Richmond, VA where were guests of honor at RavenCon.  It was an early morning flight, and an all-day flight (departing 8 AM, arriving 4:30 PM), and I woke up that morning with my full-blown laryngitis returned.  So I sat in the back seat of the car, saying nothing, while Tim drove us to the airport.
I got some DARK BETWEEN THE STARS editing done on the plane flights because I knew I would be busy for the weekend.
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