August 2014

DragonCon autographing and panel schedule

Rebecca and I have attended DragonCon for about the past 20 years—it is one of our favorite conventions all year.  This year, I’ve got a packed schedule, as well as three big tables in the Dealer’s Room.  Look for us under the listing WordFire.

Here’s my DragonCon autographing schedule for the Dealer’s Room.

12:30–2:15 PM

10 AM–12:30 PM
2:30–6 PM

11:30 AM–2 PM
4–5 PM

10–11 AM
1:30–4 PM

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I’ve long established myself as a very prolific writer, and I’ve given countless talks and workshops on productivity over the years. Finally, I’ve put together all the most important advice I have to share, in a book just released by WordFire Press, MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCTIVITY.  Available in all eBook formats for $4.99, or in trade paperback for $9.99.

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Flophouses and Fourteeners

Every year for the past seventeen years since I’ve lived in Colorado, I have climbed at least one Fourteener, or 14,000-ft peak in the state. I’ve summited all 54 of them, so now I’m going back to do some of my favorites, climbing from different sides.

This year, I set my sights on Mt. Lincoln, 14, 236 ft, highest peak in Park C0unty and 11th highest peak in the continental US. It’s an impressive-looking peak as seen from Hoosier Pass, just south of Breckinridge. I had climbed it before, but this time I wanted to climb from a different side, on a little used trail.

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Frank Herbert's SOUL CATCHER novel optioned for film

EXCLUSIVE: Four decades after Dune scribe Frank Herbert published his acclaimed 1972 novel Soul Catcher, the book has been optioned for the big screen by producer Dimitri Villard. The Flight Of he Navigator and Once Bitten producer first pursued the Herbert tome during the 1980s but tabled his film career to run music company ArtistDirect until last year. Now he’s returning to the screen biz with Soul Catcher, about a militant Native American student who....

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Kirkus and Fresh Fiction review SLIMY UNDERBELLY


From Kirkus Reviews

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Many of you have followed my blogs about my adventures while hiking, often with my brother-in-law Tim. We both just completed the 500-mile Colorado Trail together, and we’ve both summited all 54 mountain peaks in Colorado over 14,000 ft.  Along the way we’ve learned much, experienced much, and built up some great stories to tell.

WordFire Press just released Tim’s book TALES FROM THE TRAILS, which collects the best stories of those adventures. It is available now in trade paperback and in all eBook formats. Here’s the introduction I wrote for the book:

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HELLHOLE INFERNO released tomorrow!

For those of you following my epic HELLHOLE science fiction trilogy with Brian Herbert, the waiting is over…and could be the end of the universe is at hand!  HELLHOLE INFERNO hits bookstores (and eTailer outlets for those of you who prefer to read electrons) tomorrow in the US and UK.

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The End of the Trail

IMG_3109 IMG_3108

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Since Kensington has just put the very first Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novel as a special on Kindle for FREE download, I thought I’d give you a sample of humorous zombie flesh.

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Free Zombies!

Zombie detectives, that is!  As we shamble toward the release date of SLIMY UNDERBELLY, the fourth Dan Shamble Zombie PI novel, Kensington is doing a big promo push for the series.  Right now, you can get the Kindle version of the first novel, DEATH WARMED OVER,  for *free*.  Download your free Kindle copy here.

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