January 2015

A Very Special Dan Shamble, Zombie PI

Over the past two years I’ve released four Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novels, and also  seven standalone short cases that were published in various anthologies and magazines—and that’s enough for a book! WordFire Press will be releasing WORKING STIFF, The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie PI, in a few months.

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Great Additions to Superstars Writing Seminar 2015

The sixth annual Superstars Writing Seminar is coming up, only a month away. We’ve already got more signups than ever before, more speakers, more panel opportunities.


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Canyonlands and Clockwork

Every year at Christmas, numerous (actually, that deserves to be capitalized—NUMEROUS) family members descend on Colorado, and my normal “introverted writer” self is required to be sociable. In order to charge up my sociable batteries, I try to get away for some solitude ahead of time. My Go-To Place is often the gorgeous, silent, and spectacular canyonlands country of southern Utah.

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