Another Peak: Mount Neva 12,800 ft

A prominent, and difficult, peak in the Indian Peaks Wilderness is Mount Neva, which I approached a few weeks ago from the east side of the Continental Divide, but the climb is difficult and technical from that approach.  I returned and climbed it from the west side of the Divide, a lovely and reclusive hike resplendent with wildflower-filled meadows and jaw-dropping views from the top.  I saw only a couple of other people all day.  During the climb, I dictated the last few scenes in my new “Saga of Seven Suns” prequel novella VEILED ALLIANCES (based on the graphic novel). I will release it as an original eBook by the end of September; Simon & Schuster UK will likely publish the printed book.

Mount Neva

Near the summit

The view from the summit of Mt Neva. See why it’s worth the effort?

Frozen lake, viewed from the summit

My summit buddy, a golden marmot (who was more interested in my sandwich than in the view).