The best new Military SF: FIVE BY FIVE, now in print & audio editions

Five new military SF novellas by five high-profile military SF writers.  FIVE BY FIVE. WordFire Press released this volume as an eBook last year.  Now, for those of you who prefer to read in hardcopy or listen to an unabridged audiobook, FIVE BY FIVE is also available.

It’s a war out there. In these pulse-pounding tales, the best (or worst) soldiers in the galaxy are pitted against powerful aliens on distant battlefields. Never before published stories about monsters, deadly combat tech, treachery, and honor:

Big Plush by AARON ALLSTON—The Dollgangers, artificial people made in mankind’s image, take up arms in a desperate bid to win their freedom.

Comrades in Arms by KEVIN J. ANDERSON—A damaged cyborg soldier and an enemy alien fighter turn their backs on the war and try to escape. But the human and alien governments can’t tolerate the two deserters working together, so they join forces to hunt them down.

Shores of the Infinite by LOREN L. COLEMAN—Separated from command & control, Combat Assault Suit troopers force a beachhead to liberate a new planet from the cyborg threat.

The Black Ship by B.V. LARSON (a mech novella from the Imperium Series)—A human settlement on the deadliest planet ever colonized clings to life … but today new invaders are coming down from the stars.

Out There by MICHAEL A. STACKPOLE—The Qian have discovered humanity and welcomed them into their star-spanning empire. The benefits they offer humanity are many, and they don’t want much in return: just the best human pilots available to take apart a most diabolical enemy.

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I have just gathered the next batch of five military SF novellas for FIVE BY FIVE Volume 2—Aaron Allston, Kevin J. Anderson. William C. Dietz, R.M. Meluch, and Brad R. Torgersen.  Look for it in about a month.