Book Signing at the Columbia Memorial Space Center

On the day following the Writers of the Future event at the end of August, Rebecca and I appeared at the newly reopened Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, California at a launch party for the new Star Challengers series.  This educational center, space museum, and Challenger Learning Center is an extensive complex on the site where some of the original Apollo Program work was done.

June Scobee Rodgers (founder of the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education) was the keynote speaker at the Writers of the Future ceremonies, and Dan Barstow (Challenger Center president) was a guest presenter.  It was a great opportunity for us all to attend the grand opening of the Columbia Memorial Space Center; by special arrangement with the publisher, we presented Star Challengers: Moonbase Crisis, the first time the books were offered for sale to the general public.

Before the official signing began, Rebecca and I took a tour of the center, seeing the exhibits and the operational Challenger Learning Center.

Rebecca in the Challenger Center Mission Control

Kevin in the Challenger Center simulated Clean Room

Kevin and Rebecca test out the spacesuit mockup

Some friends and celebrity guests also came, including Dr. Harry Kloor (writer and director of the new 3-D animated film Quantum Quest), Steven Sears (scriptwriter and producer of Xena: Warrior Princess), and even my LA-based typist, who transcribes all of my books.

Dan Barstow (Challenger Center president), writer/producer Steven Sears, Kevin, Rebecca, June Scobee Rodgers

June, Rebecca, and Kevin autographing Star Challengers: Moonbase Crisis

We signed 300 books, and then Rebecca and I had to leave the reception for the airport for our evening flight.  We had two days at home before DragonCon…