A Clockwork Climb for RUSH Fans—Mt. Evans

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response, our climbing group is at capacity. If you want to be placed on a waiting list, please email reed (at) via (dot) com.

In August 2010, on a day between two Rush concerts at Red Rocks Theater near Denver, Neil Peart and I climbed a mountain—Mount Evans, 14,265 ft, and on that climb we plotted the story and characters of CLOCKWORK ANGELS (a hike described in detail in Neil’s afterword to the novel).  Now, some Rush fans want to re-create that climb this summer, and I have agreed to lead them.

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Mount Evans is a fairly easy climb, as such things go—non-technical, and with a good trail all the way to the top. But no 14,000-ft peak is “easy” and even though the hike is short, only 2.5 miles from the trailhead at Summit Lake to the top of the mountain, it does gain almost 1900 ft of elevation. And the air is thin, so I won’t kid you. You need to be in fairly good shape.

It will be a tremendous experience, and some of the most breathtaking beauty you’ve ever seen.

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On Mount Evans, the road goes all the way to the top, so we’ll arrange vehicles to pick us up at the summit (thus, you only have to climb one way). For those who don’t want to make the climb at all but want to participate in the group at the top for a fine photo, we can arrange to drive you to the top, without exertion.

We plan to climb on Saturday August27. The Mount Evans Road is in the quaint western mining town of Idaho Springs, just outside of Denver. We’ll stay in one of several inexpensive motels in Idaho Springs the night before, climb on the Saturday, and even relax in the Idaho Springs mineral hot springs afterward. You are responsible for your own travel expenses to get there, and we’ll collect an additional $50 per person to cover other expenses.

***NOTE: the date has been changed to August 27 to avoid the post-Labor Day road closure.

If you are interested, please contact Chris Reed at reed (at) vika (dot) com.  We hope to get ten people for the group.

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