Colorado Springs Signing for HELLHOLE AWAKENING

Just because I came home from my HELLHOLE AWAKENING tour didn’t mean that the signings stopped. We came home from RavenCon in Richmond VA by about midnight Sunday, and by then my cold and laryngitis had gotten even worse, and now my eyes were very red (with the raspy voice and the bloodshot eyes, I had a real “demonic” thing going).  First thing Monday morning I went to see the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics as well as eyedrops to get rid of conjunctivitis (and he told me to rest, but alas that wasn’t going to happen).  I had a Colorado Springs signing the following night.

Monday night a heavy snowstorm hit, with forecasts of much worse weather all day Tuesday. Before lunch, the bookstore was worried we would have to cancel the event. We discussed whether to reschedule on account of the weather…but when we learned that the Rocky Mountain Garrison of the 501st Legion were indeed planning to come, we decided to go for it.  The weather eased up in the afternoon, and we went to a nice dinner with our friends Anj and Dave, then off to the signing—for a very nice crowd of people who also braved the weather…as well as more than a dozen fully costumed Star Wars fans.