DragonCon Schedule—Hope to see you there!

We’re ready to head off to Atlanta this morning for DragonCon, one of our favorite conventions of the year.  We have a table in the downstairs dealer’s room with autographed copies of many of my books, and you can find me there in between panels.  We will also have free SISTERHOOD OF DUNE posters for anyone who stops by, as well as some other freebies.

Rebecca and I have an official autograph session on Sunday at 11:30 AM

I am reading at 4 PM Saturday—please try to attend this one! I will be reading the first chapter of SISTERHOOD OF DUNE as well as the opening chapters of my humorous zombie PI novel, DEATH WARMED OVER.

Other panels:
2:30 “Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me When I Was Just Starting out”—a two-hour workshop on how to be a professional writer and how to manage your career.

1 PM Writers Roundtable: brainstorming an apocalypse story with several other authors

1 PM New York Times Bestselling Authors Tell All
5:30 PM  Ask the Authors (open-mike Q&A)
7 PM War of the Worlds panel

10 AM autographing at The Missing Volume booth in exhibit hall

On Saturday morning at 10 AM I will also be giving a talk and signing at the Decatur Book Festival