Frank Herbert’s new HIGH-OPP now out in print and eBook

We are proud to publish the eBook and print version of Frank Herbert’s never-released dystopian SF novel HIGH-OPP.  The eBook is available in all electronic formats for $4.99; the print version is in trade paperback for $14.99.

EMASI!  Each Man A Separate Individual!

That was the rallying cry of the Seps, the Separatists engaged in a class war against the upper tiers of a society driven entirely by opinion polls.

Those who score high in the polls, the High-Opps, live in plush apartments, with comfortable jobs, every possible convenience.  But those who happen to be low-opped, find themselves crowded in Warrens, with harsh lives and brutal conditions.

Daniel Movius, Ex-Senior Liaitor, rode high in the opinion polls until he became a casualty brushed aside by a very powerful man.  Low-opped and abandoned, Movius finds himself fighting for survival in the city’s underworld. There, the opinion of the masses is clear: It is time for a revolution against the corrupt super-privileged. And every revolution needs a leader.

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