Frank Herbert, Bill Ransom novels available again

Back when Brian Herbert and I first started working in the Dune universe, all of Frank Herbert’s non-Dune novels were out of print and unavailable. Since then, Tor Books has reissued numerous backlist titles, including The Dosadi Experiment, Whipping Star, The White Plague, Hellstrom’s Hive, The Eyes of Heisenberg, The Santaroga Barrier, The Green Brain, and The Dragon in the Sea.  The rest of Frank Herbert’s work, as well as his collaborations with Bill Ransom (and Ransom’s solo novels) have remained out of print, however.

We are pleased to be bringing the rest of Frank Herbert’s and Bill Ransom’s novels back into print in eBook form.  We’ve just released the first two novels, Destination: Void and Jaguar.

The starship Earthling, filled with thousands of hybernating colonists en route to a new world at Tau Ceti, is stranded beyond the solar system when the ship’s three Organic Mental Cores—disembodied human brains that control the vessel’s functions—go insane. An emergency skeleton crew sees only one chance for survival: to create an artificial consciousness in the Earthling’s primary computer, which could guide them to their destination . . . or destroy the human race.

Frank Herbert’s classic novel begins the epic Pandora Sequence (written with Bill Ransom), which also includes The Jesus IncidentThe Lazarus Effect, and The Ascension Factor.

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In waking life, he is a combat vet with a mysterious sleep disorder, confined to a VA hospital bed. When he sleeps, he roams the plains of another world, invading the minds of the people as they dream and forcing them to do his will. They call him . . . Jaguar.

In both worlds, there are those who know the Jaguar’s secret. They are learning to link their minds across the void between worlds, following the dreampaths the Jaguar created—all the way back to where his body lies helpless . . . an easy target for their justice.

Available in Kindle, Nook, and other eReader Formats