Frank Herbert Titles in Baen eBook Library

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I wanted to see how well they would do.  Grammar checkers are always problematic, because they are often so rule-obsessed they ignore what a writer is trying to do.  I found Grammarly to be unintrusive, however, and a good way to teach a writer not to make basic mistakes.  (And it did catch me in an unneccessary comma—shame on me!)

Our WordFire Press selections this month in the Baen eBook Library include five titles by Frank Herbert, long out-of-print masterpieces such as SOUL CATCHER, THE GODMAKERS, DIRECT DESCENT, as well as two never-previously-published novels, HIGH-OPP and ANGELS’ FALL.
WordFire Press has brought back into print many  long-unavailable works by Kevin J. Anderson, Frank Herbert, Bill Ransom, Doug Beason, Brian Herbert, and others.  The Baen eBook Library gives us a great opportunity to bring these works to a wider audience.  You can read about our features, and other Baen releases, at the Baen eBook newsletter.