HELLHOLE cover paintings

Stephen Youll, the fantastic artist who has done most of our Dune covers (as well as my three Star Wars anthologies and my solo novel Blindfold) has delivered his cover paintings for HELLHOLE, the first book in my new epic SF trilogy with Brian Herbert.  Steve painted two variations on a spectacular scene that really captures the planet Hellhole…a terrible place that only the most desperate colonists will accept, but also with a majestic secret.  An all-new science fiction saga for those who enjoyed my Dune novels with Brian Herbert or my Saga of Seven Suns series.

The version without the kneeling figure will be the UK cover from Simon & Schuster UK, and the painting with the figure will be the US cover from Tor.

(UK Cover)

(US cover)

The book will be published in England this October and in the US in February.