IGNITION Now Available As E-book

My space-shuttle thriller Ignition with Doug Beason, originally published by Tor Books, has just been made available for e-readers.  Download for $4.99.

NASA—you have a problem.

In this high-tech action adventure from Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, terrorists seize control of the Kennedy Space Center and hold the shuttle Atlantis and its crew hostage on the launchpad.  But astronaut “Iceberg” Friese, grounded from the mission because of a broken foot, is determined to slip through the swamps and rocket facilities around Cape Canaveral and pull the plug on the terrorists.  With their years of experience in the field, Anderson and Beason have packed Ignition with insider information to create an extremely plausible, action-packed thriller.

Kindle format

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Also available for the iPad.