ILL WIND Reissue in January

My eco-thriller Ill Wind, written with Doug Beason, will be reprinted by Tor Books in January.  This will be its fourth edition, and the recent disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has made the story all too relevant.

It’s the largest oil spill in history…

A crashed supertanker in San Francisco Bay.  Desperate to avert environmental damage, and a PR disaster, a multinational oil company releases an untested designer microbe to break up the spill—an oil-eating microbe designed to consume crude oil, until its appetite expandes to include anything made of petrocarbons: oil…gasoline…synthetic fabrics…and plastic of all kinds.

And it’s airborne.

Ill Wind is available now in various ebook formats and also on the Nook.   The Kindle edition should be available within a week.