New Hard SF book: TAU CETI

Last month I wrote a hard-SF novella, Tortoise & Hare, as part of a new project for the publisher Arc Manor, as the first half of a two-part story, TAU CETI, which was completed with a novelette by my protege and long-time friend Steven Savile.

Tortoise & Hare is the story of a generation ship filled with dreamers, making their slow way to Tau Ceti to set up a new colony, a new Earth. After two centuries they have almost reached their goal…but back on Earth, over the two centuries, scientists have developed a new faster-than-light drive, and they may be able to reach the planet at Tau Ceti first and claim it for themselves.  Steve Savile has written a novelette to complete the story, and both will be published together as TAU CETI.

The eBook will be released at the end of November for $4.99.  A print (paper) book will also be available for $6.99.  However, Arc Manor has offered a special pre-order discount for the eBook version at $2.99 (instead of $4.99)…and it gets better. My fans also get another 15% discount off the $2.99 price if they enter the coupon code of DIRKEV.  Go to and pre-order.

You know you want to read it.  Are you going to get a better offer than that?