New RESURRECTION, INC Edition with Hugh Syme Cover

It’s my 25th anniversary!  A quarter century ago my very first novel, RESURRECTION, INC., was published in paperback by Signet Books.  It was just a mass-market original, got nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, garnered good critical acclaim, but went out of print before long. Then Overlook Connection Press published a hardcover 10th Anniversary Edition with a new Bob Eggleton cover, which also sold out.  Eventually, we reissued the novel at WordFire Press in eBook and print format.

Now, ECW—the publishers of the fine, full-color hardcover of CLOCKWORK ANGELS last year—will be issuing a new hardcover 25th anniversary edition of RESURRECTION, INC. with a new cover illustration by well-known Rush cover artist Hugh Syme.  The Rush connection with RESURRECTION, INC. has been clear from the beginning—that novel was entirely inspired by the Rush album “Grace Under Pressure,” which I acknowledged in the dedication.  That’s how I got in contact with Neil Peart in the first place, more than two decades ago.  Since Hugh Syme has done most of the Rush cover art for decades, and since he did all the artwork for CLOCKWORK ANGELS, having him do the cover for the 25th anniversary edition of RES. INC. is a masterstroke.

On Saturday, Hugh and I talked on the phone for the better part of an hour, brainstorming ideas for the cover image.  In two days, Hugh has already sent me two roughs, and I’ve given him my feedback.  This is going to be great.

ECW will release the new edition of my novel in April, to coincide with the trade paperback release of CLOCKWORK ANGELS. I’ll write a special introduction giving background on the book.I will post when preorders are available.

In the future, the dead walk the streets—Resurrection, Inc. found a profitable way to do it. A microprocessor brain, synthetic heart, artificial blood, and a fresh corpse can return as a Servant for anyone with the price. Trained to obey any command, Servants have no minds of their own, no memories of their past lives.

Then came Danal. He was murdered, a sacrifice from the ever-growing cult of neo-Satanists who sought heaven in the depths of hell. But as a Servant, Danal began to remember. He learned who had killed him, who he was, and what Resurrection, Inc. had in mind for the human race.