Pre-release of Neil Peart: CULTURAL REPERCUSSIONS—only Two Days Left

Next month WordFire Press will release an insightful new book about the work, influence and legacy of legendary Rush lyricist and drummer Neil Peart. CULTURAL REPERCUSSIONS is written by well-respected professor and literary critic Brad Birzer, who has also written similar analytical books on JRR Tolkien, Charles Carroll, Christopher Dawson, and Russell Kirk


from the back cover:

“Though Neil Peart is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest living drummers, few studies have been devoted to his writings. Yet, Peart is very much a man of his words. He writes lyrics, travelogues, short stories, essays, and books of cultural criticism. In terms of his cultural impact, he is also one of North America’s greatest living men of letters. The themes he offers in his writings are timeless: philosophy, journeys, growth, exploration, excellence, art, satisfaction, happiness, religion, politics, individualism, expression, natural history, cultural criticism, life, love, loss, redemption, and beauty.”

CULTURAL REPERCUSSIONS is not yet released, BUT for two more days only you have a chance to get a sneak-preview Advance copy as part of the Humble Bundle music/books bundle. Name your own price, but bid $15 or more and get this along with 20 other books.

It ends Tuesday, so if you miss this, you’ll have to wait until the actual book is released in a month.

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