Second Life As eBooks: HOPSCOTCH and LIFELINE

With eReaders becoming so ubiquitous in all types and sizes, from smartphones to Kindles/Nooks/Kobos, to iPads and other tablets, many authors (including myself) are experiencing a Renaissance of their backlist. Stories that were published in magazines or anthologies, then quickly vanished from the bookstores…novels that have been unavailable to the public except in used-book stores or pirate sites—now they have a second life as eBooks.

Rebecca and I have been working hard to clean up, reformat, and upload some of the very best of my out-of-print novels and stories. You can see all of the titles on the Wordfire homepage.

In the past week, we released two new titles, my SF novel Hopscotch, and the hard-SF technothriller, Lifeline written with Doug Beason.

Cover for 'Hopscotch'

One of Kevin’s most innovative SF concepts: Suppose you could switch bodies with another person. What exciting new experiences would you choose to explore? What forbidden desires would you indulge? Suppose someone stole your life—how far would you go to get it back? A pure adrenaline thriller of hijacked identities, elusive motives, and deeply buried secrets.

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Cover for 'Lifeline'

The bestselling first novel by Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason. In shock and grief the last remnants of the human race watched from space as the holocaust of war raged across the face of the Earth. Now the future rested in the hands of three fragile space colonies: Aguinaldo—The Philippine L-5 colony whose brilliant biochemist engineered a limitless supply of food. Kibalchich—The Soviet space exploration platform that harbors a deadly secret. Orbitech 1The American space factory whose superstrong weavewire could be a lifeline to link the colonies—or a cutting-edge weapon of destruction.

As allies, they could unite to rebuild a better world. As enemies, they could destroy mankind’s last hope for survival. Includes an all-new afterword by Doug Beason.

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